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Macedonia 28.01.21 | 12:35

Political persecution: Former Minister Janakieski faces more trials than there are days in the week

Former Transportation Minister Mile Janakieski, who is the “favorite” target of the Zaev regime, is again facing a situation where he can’t physically attend the trials in all the cases against him. Today Janakieski had a hearing in a case initiated by the disgraced Special Prosecutor’s...

Macedonia 20.03.20 | 17:49

Despite the epidemic, Skopje court orders a hectic schedule of trials against Zaev’s political prisoners

Political dissident Bogdan Ilievski pointed out that the criminal court in Skopje, led by SDSM party loyalist judge Ivan Dzolev, has scheduled 320 hearings in the coming month, at the peak of the coronavirus epidemic. The Zaev regime is relying on dozens upon dozens of criminal cases initiated against...

Macedonia 17.03.20 | 12:48

Will Deskoska face criminal charges if someone gets sick during court trials?

Even amid heightened precautionary measures against coronavirus, closed institutions, catering facilities, postponement of all events and recommendations to avoid gatherings of more than five people, hearings in the Skopje Criminal Court are running as if there was no threat. Justice Minister Renata...

Macedonia 15.03.20 | 22:23

The Bar Association asks that most trials are postponed because of the epidemic

The Macedonian Bar Association called on the Government and the Justice Ministry to suspend all but the most urgent trials, given the danger of the coronavirus. While many other walks of life have stopped in Macedonia, the trials, often involving political opponents of the Zaev regime are continuing...

Macedonia 12.08.19 | 10:54

Special Prosecutors with busy schedule this week: to attend trials in their cases, questioning at the PPO

Trials in the Special Prosecutor’s Office cases are to resume Monday at the Criminal Court. For Monday, according to the announcement on their website, there is a scheduled trial in the “Titanic” case, which deals with electoral irregularities. A trial in this case is also scheduled...

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