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Macedonia 02.02.22 | 22:38

Nikoloski: The Government is avoiding our electoral change proposals because it is afraid of early elections

The opposition is giving up on the guarantee mechanism of a technical, Przino Government, because we believe that 100 days is too long to organize elections, it slows many processes down, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski. The party is proposing that the broad Government rule, introduced...

Macedonia 01.04.21 | 16:54

Mickoski interview with TV21 this evening

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski will have an interview with the TV21 television this evening. Mickoski will speak with the dual language Albanian – Macedonian station at 21:30h.

Macedonia 10.12.20 | 23:03

Oliver Spasovski denies thinking about challenging Zaev

Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski insisted that he doesn’t see himself as successor to Zoran Zaev in the party. Spasovski, who recently voiced what was for him an unusually divergent tone from Zaev on the dispute with Bulgaria. But when asked by TV21 journalist during his interview, Spasovski claimed...

Macedonia 26.11.20 | 23:03

VMRO-DPMNE will initiate a vote of no confidence in the Zaev Government

During a TV interview held shortly after the large VMRO-DPMNE protest rally in Skopje, opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski announced that the party will initiate a vote of no confidence in the Zaev Government. This will be good opportunity for Zaev and his top diplomats Bujar Osmani and Nikola Dimitrov...

Macedonia 04.06.20 | 23:38

“It is madness to hold elections now”

We can’t talk about elections while we have new patients in the triple digits, it’s madness, said opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski during his TV21 interview. The ruling SDSM party continues to demand elections on July 5, even as Macedonia has by far the worst coronavirus statistics for...

Macedonia 04.06.20 | 23:12

Mickoski: Those in the Government are ready to blame everybody for the coronavirus spike, except themselves

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski accused the Government of using PR tricks to shift the blame for the unprecedented spike in the coronavirus epidemic, blaming it on the opposition or on the citizens, in order to distract from the failure of the policies that were put in place. Mickoski was exposed...

Macedonia 08.04.20 | 13:32

An eleven year old girl was subjected to repeated rapes by a cousin, TV21 reports

An eleven year old girl was sexually abused by a close relative, TV21 reports. The girl was subjected to repeated rapes by her 19 year old cousin, that lasted over a year. The traumatized girl was examined at the Skopje clinic, where the assaults were confirmed. According to the TV station, the mother...

Macedonia 31.03.20 | 09:48

Bitola man who was in self-isolation found dead

A 60 year old man from Bitola who was in self-isolation because of the coronavirus, has been found dead in his house, TV21 reports. The man returned to Bitola from Canada and was ordered into his home for two weeks. After his family failed to get him on the phone, the house was broken into by the police...

Macedonia 15.03.20 | 11:21

TV21 crew threatened while filming Cair shops who violate the order to close down

TV21 broadcast a report from Skopje’s Cair district, where tea shop owners are refusing to close in line with the orders meant to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The female reported confronted the owner in one such shop in the often lawless part of the city, and told him that the Government...

Macedonia 18.04.19 | 22:13

Zaev celebrates freedom of media report even after journalists were detained in the office of his political ally

The AVMU Media Agency joined in with political parties and journalists in condemnation of Tuesday’s attack on a crew from the TV21 television station, which was intimidated and briefly detained in the Aracinovo town hall by thugs apparently affiliated with Mayor Milkie Halimi. The crew from the...

Macedonia 16.04.19 | 23:37

Mickoski: This is Macedonia and it will remain Macedonia

During an interview with the Albanian language TV21, VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said the that Prespa treaty violates the human rights of all Macedonians, and is therefore unacceptable for the largest Macedonian party. Mickoski said that VMRO will administratively take part in the work of...