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World 21.07.21 | 11:27

Hungary rejects the EU’s rule of law report, will push for a debate on the future of Europe

The European Commission’s new rule-of-law report should not be used for ideological purposes and for blackmailing the member states, Judit Varga, Hungary’s justice minister, said, adding that the states’ sovereignty and the treaties of the European Union must be respected. The minister called the...

Macedonia 07.07.21 | 20:32

Soros’ network of NGOs is behind the allegations made against Hungary, Minister Varga says

Hungarian Justice Minister Judith Varga blamed billionaire stock speculator George Soros of using the network of organizations he funds to undermine the Hungarian reputation – most recently through the Reporters Without Borders (RSF) group. The RSF report was again critical of the press freedom...

World 30.09.20 | 18:58

Hungarian Minister Varga rejects EC report, says it was influenced by organisations linked to Soros

On Wednesday the European Commission issued a report on the rule of law in the EU member states. This year’s document is the first in the subject, and the report will be issued every year on all member states. Reacting to the document on her social media page, Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga...

World 29.07.20 | 11:15

V4: Hungarian media entrepreneur adds 100 million EUR to his wealth

Although many say that opposition press has ceased to exist in Hungary, one of the largest opposition media moguls has added tens of billions to his assets in the past ten years. Compared to 2010, his wealth has grown sevenfold, the V4 news agency reported. The Brussels news outlet Politico interviewed...

World 12.05.20 | 19:00

V4: Brussels terrified of Hungary’s Justice Minister

Although the European Parliament (EP) is concerned about Hungary’s constitutionality, it has refused to allow the Hungarian justice minister to attend its session, V4NA has learnt. According to our information, the EP has rejected Judit Varga’s request to represent Hungary during the debate....

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