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Economy 05.10.19 | 18:57

Zaev lied again, Volkswagen did not even consider Macedonia in the final phase of investment

Car giant Volkswagen has not even considered Macedonia in the final phase of investment, VMRO DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikolski wrote on Facebook. Because corruption is booming and economy is sinking Volkswagen has not even considered Macedonia in the final phase of investment, Zaev lied again! These...

Economy 25.06.19 | 13:42

Volkswagen does not think we are shining – the German giant disqualifies Macedonia

Volkswagen’s management disqualifies Serbia and Macedonia and will soon decide whether to invest about 2 million euros in Turkey or Bulgaria. Volkswagen named Turkey and Bulgaria as finalists for the location of the new car factory. At the beginning of the year, the German automotive giant announced...

Economy 07.03.19 | 17:19

Angjusev still holds out hope that Volkswagen will invest in Macedonia

Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angjusev assured the media that Volkswagen still hasn’t made a decision to open its new large manufacturing plant in Serbia. Zoran Zaev promised that, as result of the name change he pushed through Parliament, the giant German car-maker will make a huge investment in...

Economy 30.01.19 | 11:56

After Zaev triumphantly announced a 100 million EUR Volkswagen investment, company says it is still considering its decision

Volkswagen poured cold water on the triumphant announcement from Prime Minister Zoran Zaev that the German car giant is planning a major investment in Macedonia worth over 100 million EUR. Zaev declared that the company will open a large manufacturing plant, and conditioned it with the successful end...

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