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Macedonia 30.10.21 | 16:01

Caught in the act: Voter bribery in Skopje settlement in favor of a current official

The second round of elections also does not run in electoral silence. Perpetrators were caught in the act of voter bribing in the settlement of Dame Gruev, Gege 2, in the municipality of Gjorce Petrov, in favor of a current official in Skopje.

Macedonia 30.10.21 | 15:46

Voter bribery reported in Lozovo

A ruling party was noticed in Lozovo distributing packages during pre-election silence.

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 14:49

PPO: Unknown persons are committing voter bribery in Topaana and Suto Orizari

The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Skopje has so far received several reports about possible election irregularities. One of the reports said that unknown persons with two passenger motor vehicles are currently conducting voter bribery in Topaana and Suto Orizari. The Skopje police was instructed...

Macedonia 15.10.21 | 14:31

SDSM activists in Delcevo distribute flour as part of voter bribery, accuses VMRO-DPMNE

In Delcevo, SDSM distributes flour, as part of the voter bribery in these elections, accuses VMRO-DPMNE. The bribe is distributed by Gjoko A. and the competent institutions will be notified about it. The bribe is a consequence of the fact that the people will defeat SDSM in these elections. Respond to...

Macedonia 13.12.20 | 16:11

Voter bribery with packages of oil and water in Stip, low turnout activates the headquarters

The NGO “Izlezis da glasas” came out with a series of remarks about pressure, testimonies of voter bribery and influence on the right to vote. Today, Stip elects a mayor, and according to the reports in front of the polling stations, vehicles of party activists can be seen bringing voters...

Macedonia 13.07.20 | 17:59

One of the parties from the ruling majority is preparing for voter bribery

One of the parties from the ruling majority is preparing for voter bribery and in that direction today, at a time when some of the citizens are exercising their right to vote, 20 decisions and orders for deployment of employees in the Ministry of Interior, signed by me, were revoked, interim Minister...

Macedonia 11.07.20 | 22:24

Culev on voter bribery cases: Measures will be taken wherever there are indications that there’s violation of the law

Interior Minister Nake Culev reacted to the two incidents of voter bribery that the police uncovered. The Minister appeals to the police officers to take all measures necessary when it comes to such cases. I urge police officers to take appropriate measures and activities wherever there are indications...

Macedonia 10.07.20 | 12:58

Man from Stip caught in voter bribery with 100 personal documents, made promises of debt write-off in exchange of SDSM votes

The Economic Crime department within the Internal Affairs department in Stip took Thursday measures and activities for clearing the criminal act “Bribery during elections and voting” and the basic public prosecutor’s office was notified and requested directions for taking of additional...

Macedonia 26.06.20 | 13:33

Municipality of Gjorce Petrov distributes bribes to households

“Republika” has received photos and a video of voter bribery ahead of the July 15 elections. The photos show vehicles of the municipality of Gjorce Petrov distributing bribes to households. Поткуп во општина Ѓорче Петров Gepostet von Republika Nedelnik am Freitag,...

Economy 29.04.20 | 13:43

Where did 120 million euros from the budget go: SDSM robbed the state treasury

Where did 120 million euros from the country’s budget deficit go and what were they spent on? This question is of interest to the citizens, who have not seen any benefit from that money. On the contrary, they are getting poorer and barely making ends meet, while SDSM officials are living their...

Macedonia 04.04.20 | 21:27

Humanitarian aid or voter bribery: Flour, potatoes and toilet paper for Roma people in Strumica?!

Potatoes, flour, cakes, toilet paper, dishwasher detergent… Humanitarian aid is being distributed to Roma people in Strumica, and accidentally or not, the photos obtained by Republika were taken near the Zaev family’s home. Entire Roma families at risk of infection, moving without any protection...

Macedonia 28.01.20 | 15:10

(3) La Verita: Zaev bought Albanian votes through UCK commander whom Thaci and Ahmeti are afraid of

Italian newspaper “La Verita” journalist Laris Gaiser continued with the publication of evidence in the 2014 voter bribery case where ex-Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is the first suspect. Zaev, along with his brother Vice and SDSM MP from Strumica Marjan Daskalovski, are accused of criminal...

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