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Macedonia 19.10.21 | 15:37

In four years SDSM lost half its voters

Zoran Zaev’s SDSM party saw its support cut in half from the high water mark of the 2017 local elections. The disastrous result of SDSM in the first round of the 2021 local elections is mostly due to their fall in support – as people simply turned away from Zaev. This is the third worst result...

Macedonia 11.10.21 | 19:36

“Zaev can’t buy all the votes he needs to overturn the elections”

The Government can’t buy all the votes it needs to win the elections – it betrayed too many of your expeectations and the anger is palpable, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said during his rally in Kicevo. He warned against attempts by the Zaev regime to buy votes but insisted that it...

Macedonia 21.07.21 | 15:20

Zaev will need a two thirds majority to postpone the local elections

As Zoran Zaev is trying to postpone the municipal election by several weeks, to the very last day of October, it is unclear whether he can even do it without the approval of the opposition parties. This would require amending the electoral code, which is done with a two thirds majority. The main opposition...

Macedonia 19.09.20 | 11:57

Saliu: The government bought the votes of the Roma in the elections

In the past elections, there was a massive bribery of Roma voters by the government. Money was offered, as well as expired food. With the arrival of this government, the Roma are placed on the margins of society, Shaban Saliu, president of the Democratic Forces of Roma said in an interview with “Republika”. He...

Macedonia 16.07.20 | 21:40

Janusev: SEC is recounting the votes at VMRO-DPMNE’s request

At the request of VMRO-DPMNE, the SEC is recounting the results from the hardcopy forms, in order to remove all possibilities for any irregularities regarding the election results. We have information that the numbers of the results entered in the SEC system do not correspond with the exact numbers entered...

Macedonia 16.07.20 | 17:08

Adjustment or error: Data published by the SEC doesn’t correspond with the hardcopy forms

There are major ambiguities after the release of the unofficial results. The parties are dissatisfied with the work of the State Election Commission and say that the data published by the SEC doesn’t correspond with the hardcopy forms. One of the examples is the polling station 2788 in the first...

Macedonia 16.07.20 | 13:52

Fire in the vehicle carrying ballots from Gostivar to Skopje

As if the chaos surrounding the vote counting process after Macedonia’s elections was not bad enough, given the alleged hacking attack on the State Electoral Commission and the delayed publication of the results, a car transporting votes from Gostivar to Skopje caught fire overnight. Tetovo police...

Macedonia 14.07.20 | 21:09

Amid election silence, alleys in Leskoec are being paved in an attempt to gather votes

Day before election day and in the midst of election silence, smaller alleys on “Rasanec” street in Leskoec are being paved, Ohrid24 reported. Unlike these freshly paved alleys, the alleys across and slightly below, where residents did not promise to vote for a certain party, are unpaved.

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