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Macedonia 22.11.20 | 11:56

Police breaks up wedding near Gostivar

Police and inspectors cut short a wedding in the village of Zdunje near Gostivar, wher more than 70 guests were gathered. The wedding, taking place in a restaurant owned by a man from Gostivar, was reported to the inspectors. The owner is being charged with ignoring regulations during a pandemic.

Macedonia 05.11.20 | 09:20

Police raids an illegal wedding near Gostivar

Police raided a restaurant near Gostivar where a wedding was taking place in violation of coronavirus restrictions. The owner of the restaurant in Dobri Dol was arrested and will be charged with endangering public health.

Macedonia 20.10.20 | 14:13

Zaev says he does not endorse nationalist comments made during the wedding of his political ally

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev condemned “any provocative statements” that were made during the wedding of Sasa Bogdanovic, the Mayor of Skopje’s Centar municipality, who is a candidate of Zaev’s SDSM party. Bogdanovic is an ethnic Serb and he had a wedding in Kosovo, in the monastery...

Macedonia 20.10.20 | 10:07

Mayor Bogdanovic insists he only had a small wedding

Sasa Bogdanovic, the Mayor of Skopje’s Centar municipality, finally responded after being called out for days because of the lavish wedding he had in the Gracanica monastery in Kosovo. Wedding celebrations are banned in Macedonia to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but the border with Kosovo...

Macedonia 19.10.20 | 15:58

Two politicians anger the public after travelling abroad to hold elaborate, masks optional weddings

Two politicians from the ruling coalition brazenly violated coronavirus restrictions to stage elaborate weddings. One of them is the Mayor of Centar Sasa Bogdanovic. He used the recent reopening of the border with Kosovo to marry his fiance in the Gracanica monastery, in a massive wedding that, as photographs...

Macedonia 11.10.20 | 10:38

Party leader shamed into canceling his granddaughter’s wedding

Longtime leading Macedonian Roma politician Amdi Bajram had to cancel the wedding of his granddaughter’s Perjan after social media outrage at the preparations for the mass event. The invitations were leaked online, amid worries about the serious spike in coronavirus cases. Weddings, concerts and...

Macedonia 04.10.20 | 15:28

Weddings and parties take place in Strumica, Tetovo and Skopje despite bans

The State Market Inspectorate will file at least 16 criminal and misdemeanor charges against catering facilities in Skopje, Tetovo and Strumica for violating coronavirus protection measures and protocols during last night’s inspection controls, Stojko Paunovski, head of the State Market Inspectorate,...

Macedonia 25.08.20 | 11:14

Over a thousand companies that cater to mass events face bankruptcy

The Association of Chambers of Commerce (SSK) warns that over a 1,000 hospitality institutions, such as children’s playgrounds, wedding restaurants and educational institutions face bankruptcy after being ordered to remain closed for the sixth month in a row due to the coronavirus. Most restaurants...

Macedonia 01.07.20 | 15:56

Thirteen charges over a wedding held in Cair during the corona curfew

Police has prepared charges against 13 people who took part in a wedding held in Skopje’s Cair district in mid June. This was done in violation of the strict ban on large public gatherings. The wedding took place on a residential street in Cair. The same majority Muslim Albanian district sees record...

Macedonia 18.06.20 | 19:09

Guests at the “corona wedding” in Skopje refuse to help map out the cluster, are giving false names, fake phone numbers..

A large group of wedding goers in Skopje where the coronavirus was being spread are refusing to cooperate with the medical teams in mapping out the extent of the spread, said chief healthcare inspector Irina Sotirova – Buhova. At least 14 attendees at the wedding, including the couple, came back...

Macedonia 09.06.20 | 14:19

The bride and the groom at the May wedding where the virus was spread were doctors, and are now both infected

Two doctors working the Medical Chamber were diagnosed positive to Covid-19 after holding a wedding that involved more than a 100 guests. The wedding held in May was pointed by Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce as an outrageous example of a violation of the restrictions meant to reduce the spread of...

Macedonia 09.06.20 | 12:59

Minister Filipce points to an extreme case of violation of Covid-19 rules: A May wedding with 100 guests is the latest cluster under investigation

As an example of extreme failure to follow social distancing recommendations, Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce yesterday named a wedding that took place at the end of May. There were about a 100 people participating in a wedding that took place in a private home. Such gatherings were forbidden at the...

Macedonia 29.08.19 | 19:49

The father of the other wounded boy: Ademi fired, I saw him personally

The father of the boy who was wounded by celebratory gunfire during a wedding in the Tetovo village of Mala Recica, about a month ago, when the son of DUI lawmaker Xhevat Ademi was also injured, claims the incident was personally caused by the senior party official. The father Yusuf Biljali in a statement...

Macedonia 03.08.19 | 15:29

Two women injured as shots were fired during a wedding near Gostivar

Following the celebratory gunfire incident at a wedding in Tetovo, when two men were injured (reportedly by a member of Parliament), two more women were shot and injured during the busy summer wedding season. DUI member of Parliament Xhevat Ademi denies reports that he shot his son by mistake during...

Macedonia 31.07.19 | 09:55

DUI member of Parliament Xhevat Ademi denies reports that he shot his son by mistake during a wedding

Two people were badly wounded by celebratory gunfire during a wedding in the village of Mala Recica, west of Tetovo. One of them is the son of DUI member of Parliament Xhevat Ademi. Some Albanian language media outlets have reported that Ademi was the one who was firing in the air and mistakenly shot...

Culture 12.07.19 | 13:10

The traditional Galicnik wedding will be held this weekend

The 46tg Galicnik wedding ceremony will be held this weekend with Marina Petrovska and Ognen Karagozovski selected to be the happy couple. The historically important and visually stunning village of Galicnik on Mt. Bistra is now largely depopulated but keeps alive the tradition of the wedding which draws...