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Macedonia Sport 31.03.21 | 23:33

Macedonian coach Angelovski dedicates the win against Germany to his wife, who just got out of a difficult bout of Covid-19

Macedonian football team coach Igor Angelovski dedicated the spectacular win against Germany to his wife Tanja, who had a difficult fight with Covid-19, and to their three children. I want to dedicate the win to my wife. Until recently she fought hard against Covid-19 with serious symptoms. She only...

Macedonia 04.03.21 | 18:39

Gostivar prosecutors file charges against the man who killed his wife with an axe

The man from Gostivar who killed his wife with an axe in September is finally facing criminal charges. Prosecutors asked the court to keep the 67 year old man in detention as the charges were presented before the court. According to the charges, the man was feuding with his 60 year old wife for a longer...

Macedonia 30.04.20 | 10:16

Husband kills wife in Aracinovo

A 40 year old man from Aracinovo was arrested for killing his 36 year old wife. The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon. The police has not yet revealed the reason for the murder or the way it was perpetrated.

Macedonia 28.11.19 | 10:45

SDSM member of Parliament Kostadin Acevski reported for beating up his wife

The wife of Kostadin Acevski, member of Parliament from the SDSM party, reported him to the police for beating her up. Republika has learnt that this is not the first time the wife has repoted Kostadin Acevski for domestic violence and abuse. Earlier today we received confirmation from the Interior Ministry...

Macedonia 26.02.19 | 17:41

Struga man charged with unlawfully locking up his wife for three days

Struga police proposed criminal charges against a 40 year old man from the village of Forino who kept his wife detained in their home for three days. The man, identified as A.A., had an argument with his wife, physically assaulted her, and then locked her in a room. After she tried to escape, the man...

World 22.01.19 | 15:28

Macedonian stabs own wife in Austria parking lot

The eerie series of blood in the new year will not break, especially in Lower Austria: Monday afternoon was a 32-year-old already fifth murder victim in 2019. According to first reports, the bloody murder occurred in the parking lot of a large food store in the Frauentorgasse in Tulln. There a Macedonian...

World 10.01.19 | 10:09

Norwegian multi-millionaire’s wife being held for ransom

The wife of a Norwegian multi-millionaire missing for ten weeks is believed to have been kidnapped after a ransom was demanded today. Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, who is married to businessman Tom Hagen, disappeared on October 31 last year from her home in Lorenskog. A ransom demand for €9 million...

Macedonia 08.01.19 | 20:03

Makraduli unrepentant over family contracts which would destroy a European politician

Deputy Environment Minister Jani Makraduli insists that his wife Maja Makraduli has the right to apply (and win) public procurement contracts even though he holds a high Government position and could use it to influence the outcome of the bids. After it was revealed that a software company co-owned by...

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