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Macedonia 31.12.21 | 09:35

Mild weather expected until mid next week

The winter thaw that Macedonia is experiencing at the start of the New Year is expected to last until mid next week. Daily highs reach between 9 and 15 degrees, with mostly sunny weather. The lows are relatively mild for this part of the year, with the ski resort of Popova Sapka measuring just –...

Macedonia 15.11.21 | 11:15

Motorists are required to begin using winter equipment

Having winter equipment in your car is mandatory starting today, and until March 15th. For cars, this means using winter style tyres, or having chains and other winter equipment with you at all times.

Macedonia 07.10.21 | 09:21

Heating season begins in Skopje

Winter heating season begins in Skopje today, as temperatures dropped over this week. The season normally begins on October 15th, but due to the low average temperatures, the RKE regulatory committee instructed the central heating companies to begin supplying the consumers. Skopje is the only city in...

World 18.05.20 | 09:51

WHO warns of a second coronavirus wave in the winter

The World Health Organization fears that a second wave of the coronavirus can hit this winter and warned countries to begin preparing their healthcare systems. In an interview with the Telegraph, doctor Hans Kluge, head of WHO for Europe, drew comparisons with the Spanish flu a century ago which was...

Macedonia 07.02.20 | 10:44

World Bank report finds that Macedonians use outdated forms of heating which badly damage the environment

A World Bank report finds that the energy sector in Macedonia is badly outdated, with costly electricity imports, damaging to the forests and causing high levels of air pollution. The report notes that only 9 percent of all households use central heating – all of them in the capital Skopje. Some...

Macedonia 07.02.20 | 10:21

Cold spell continues, as morning temperatures fall well below zero

The cold spell continues over Macedonia, with temperatures dropping to – 14 degrees in the mountainous village of Lazaropole. Berovo, Bitola and Mavrovo were almost just as cold, while the capital Skopje had morning temperatures at 2 degrees below zero. Dojran and Gevgelija are warmest this morning,...

Macedonia 01.02.20 | 20:42

Major drop in temperatures expected next week

After an unseasonably warm winter, forecasters are expecting a major drop in temperatures next week. Warm weather, with temperatures of up to 20 degrees Centigrade, will last until Tuesday, but then a drop of 15 degrees is expected. Over three days we can expect strong winds, snow in the mountains and...

World 31.12.19 | 11:31

2019 was hottest year on record for Russia

This year was the hottest ever registered in Russia, the country’s weather chief said on Monday, as climate change pushes global temperatures to record highs. “This year in Russia was the hottest for the entire period of instrumental observations,” the head of the Gidromedtsentr weather...

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