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Macedonia 15.11.21 | 11:18

Woman gives birth under a bridge in downtown Prilep

A woman gave birth to a baby underneath a bridge in the dry river bed in Prilep yesterday. Local residents quickly called emergency services to help the woman and the child. They say that the woman is from a poor Roma neighborhood and was sometimes living under the bridge.

Macedonia 16.02.21 | 18:26

Elderly woman died in a fire near Tetovo

An elderly woman from the village of Zilce near Tetovo died in a fire this morning. Macedonia is hit by a cold wave and it’s possible this contributed to the tragic accident. The fire was reported by the son of the victim. Tetovo firefighters put it out but were too late to save the 80 year old...

Macedonia 04.08.20 | 18:24

Charges filed against woman from Skopje who joined ISIS

A 38 year old woman from Skopje has been charged with joining the Islamic State. Prosecutors say she travelled to Syria twice during which time she joined with ISIS. She was eventually deported by the Turkish authorities to Macedonia in March. During the peak of the Syrian war, Macedonia adopted a law...

Macedonia 20.06.20 | 09:44

Elderly woman found drowned in the Vardar river

The body of an elderly woman was found in the Vardar river yesterday afternoon. The body was noticed by citizens walking along the river in the Karpos area. Police said that it is a 90 year old woman from Skopje and that an autopsy has been ordered.

Macedonia 30.04.20 | 12:08

Elderly woman from Gostivar died from Covid-19

An elderly woman from the village of Gorna Banjica near Gostivar died yesterday from complications caused by Covid-19. The woman suffered from cancer for a while and was rushed to hospital two days ago with a difficult respiratory condition. Gostivar had relatively few cases so far, and the woman and...

Macedonia 23.04.20 | 14:53

Woman found dead in Skopje

The body of a 45 year old woman was found in an apartment in Skopje’s Madzir Maalo district. The woman was found by her daughter who got alarmed after the woman wouldn’t answer the phone for several days. Police found blood at the site and ordered an autopsy. So far there is no information...

Macedonia 01.04.20 | 13:00

The mother from Ohrid likely died from sepsis, Covid-19 test is being performed

The Skopje Gynecology Clinic informed the public that the 37 year old woman who died along with her baby after giving birth yesterday is yet to be tested for the coronavirus. A likely cause of death is sepsis, but coronavirus is not ruled out. The clinic says that the woman was brought with a fever of...

Macedonia 25.03.20 | 16:20

One of the first diagnosed coronavirus patients, a 66 year old woman from Debar, has died

A 66 year old woman from Debar, who was among the first diagnosed Covid – 99 patients in Macedonia, has died. She is the third casualty of the epidemic. The woman and her husband were in Brescia in Italy and returned to Macedonia on March 27. It’s believed that they contributed to the quick...

Macedonia 26.02.20 | 17:31

The first coronavirus patient in Macedonia is a 50 year old woman who spent time in Italy

The first coronavirus patient registered in Macedonia is a 50 year old woman who arrived from Milan, where she was visiting friends. The woman was treated for a cold, but was not tested for the potentially deadly virus before taking a minivan to Skopje, said Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce. As soon...

Macedonia 04.11.19 | 09:56

Body of an elderly woman pulled from the Vardar river in Skopje

The body of a 68 year old woman was recovered from the Vardar river yesteday. The body of the woman, identified by the police to the public only as F.V., was spotted by a passer-by near in the Aerodrom district. After it was pulled out, an autopsy has been ordered to determine the cause of her death.

Macedonia 25.07.19 | 17:24

Taxi driver filmed punching a woman to the ground in Skopje

A gruesome video of an attack that happened on Wednesday in Skopje was shared online today. It reveals a woman being hit pushed to the ground by a taxi driver. She is initially seen apparently trying to damage the taxi vehicle, likely owing to a previous, unrecorded argument. The driver then moves toward...

Macedonia 22.01.19 | 21:44

Woman hidden in the trunk of a car found at the Blace border crossing

Customs officers at the Blace border crossing towards Kosovo were shocked today when they found a 20 year old woman hidden in the trunk of a vehicle they stopped. The car had Macedonian license plates and was driven by a Macedonian citizen who was acting suspiciously during the crossing. At one point...

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