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Macedonia Economy 19.07.21 | 18:32

SDSM tries to avoid including the public in the debate on its proposal to close shops and businesses on Sunday

Members of Parliament from the VMRO-DPMNE led coalition say that the SDSM led ruling majority is refusing to allow a public debate on their proposal that shops and businesses are closed on Sunday. SDSM’s proposal is facing resistance in the public, and some industries were given exemption from...

News 19.08.20 | 18:16

Parents with children under 10 will be exempt from work beyond September

Parents with children under 10 will be exempt from going to work beyond September, the SDK.mk news site reported. This decree was introduced early in the coronavirus epidemic, but was being phased out as school starts in September. Now, with the decision to have most children attend classes online, the...

Macedonia 23.04.20 | 10:22

Public administration goes back to working full hours

After its decision to have the evening curfew begin at 19h instead of 16h, the Government yesterday also ordered the public administration workers to go back to work full time. Previously, the public administration was told to work on a reduced schedule, so that the employees can get home before 16h....

Life 24.12.18 | 16:11

People over 40 shouldn’t work more than 3 days a week, study says

A recent study has found that people aged over 40 perform the best when they work only three days a week. The researchers concluded that the cognitive performance of the middle-aged people improving as the wee increased to 25 hours a week. On the flip side, the performance decreased when the week went...

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