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Macedonia 19.06.20 | 15:04

Anonymously posted audio tape allegedly shows the extortion of six million EUR in the name of Zoran and Vice Zaev

A day after the Racket sentencing, in which a key defendant said that the money his group extorted ended up with Zoran Zaev and his brother Vice Zaev, an audio leak seems to support the claim. Boki 13 opens Pandora’s box, accuses Zoran Zaev and his brother Vice The audio was published anonymously...

Macedonia 07.12.19 | 15:17

New audio leak linked to the Racket scandal

A recently created Youtube account posted several short, 10 seconds recordings, of what appears to be a conversation involving Jordan Orce Kamcev – the businessman who testified yesterday in the major Racket corruption case. The conversations seems to be recorded in a restaurant, with background...

World 25.03.19 | 17:26

French Muslim group to sue Facebook and YouTube over New Zealand massacre video

A French Muslim group announced on Monday that it is suing internet giants Facebook and YouTube for allowing the broadcast of a live video by the man who carried out the New Zealand mosque massacre. The French Council of the Muslim Faith said it was suing the French branches of the two tech giants for...

Life 04.02.19 | 19:30

EU praises Facebook, YouTube, others for cracking down on hate speech

The European Commission praised social media giants such as Facebook on Monday for quickly removing illegal hate speech posted on their websites, in line with an EU code of conduct. In 2016, the European Union’s executive asked online giants to sign up to voluntary rules aimed at preventing the...

Film 28.12.18 | 12:12

First episode of HBO Adria series “Success” made available to watch on YouTube

The first episode of the first original HBO Adria series “Success” will be made available Friday on the official HBO Macedonia YouTube channel. Although the premiere is scheduled for January 6th, HBO decided to contribute to the cheerful festive mood and make those who look forward to the...

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