Tag: consensual candidate
Macedonia 07.03.19 | 12:11

Bejta: With the election of Stevo Pendarovski as president, and the presidency will breathe in Albanian as well

At the meeting with the leadership of the municipal organization, the Women’s Forum, the Youth Forum and the presidents of the local councils of the Democratic Union for Integration in Gostivar, the president of the branch and vice-president of DUI Nevzat Bejta spoke before the attendees about...

Macedonia 07.03.19 | 10:07

Pendarovski: I’m being followed by a secret intelligence service close to the opposition

SDSM’s presidential president Stevo Pendarovski says that five years ago, during the regime, there was no physical monitoring over him, but his phones were tapped for four years. I and probably my family as well are being followed 24/7 by a secret intelligence service close to our major opposition...

Macedonia 18.02.19 | 17:20

Ahmeti: It’s not a good idea that a leader of a political party runs for president

DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, after meeting with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Monday, said that the decisions to be taken should be in favor of the state, the majority of citizens and parties. He confirmed that talks between the two parties continue at the level of organizational secretaries. Asked whether...

Macedonia 31.01.19 | 10:14

Alliance for Albanians: The idea of a consensual candidate was false

The Alliance for Albanians welcomes the unanimous decision of DUI to present its own candidate in the upcoming presidential election and at the same time encourages the party to accept the challenge for parliamentary elections. “We wish DUI’s presidential candidate to be an Albanian. We would...

Macedonia 30.01.19 | 20:05

DUI to go with its own candidate in the presidential election

The members of the DUI Central presidency at a party meeting in the party headquarters in Tetovo, Mala Recica this evening unanimously decided that the party should go with its candidate in the upcoming presidential elections, DUI spokesman Bujar Osmani informed. Evaluating that it was not by chance...

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