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Macedonia Sport 07.09.21 | 15:41

Romanian journalists say that the Skopje stadium is not fit to host a World Cup qualifier

Romanian media outlets are protesting that the main Skopje football stadium is not fit to host a World Cup qualifier. According to the Gazeta Sporturilor paper, the pitch is uneven, in desperate shape, with no grass left in front of the goals – just sand. The two teams play tomorrow in a game that...

Macedonia Sport 06.09.21 | 10:10

Macedonia slips in Iceland, sees its hopes for qualifying in the World Cup fade away

Macedonia snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in its World Cup qualifier in Iceland, and is on the verge of losing its chance to qualify for a second top international competition in a row. Our football team took the lead early, in the 11th minute with a header from Darko Velkovski, and then scored...

Sport Balkans 04.09.21 | 19:25

Modern new stadium in Backa Topola rivals those in much larger cities

The famous Hungarian team Ferencvarosh came to the grand opening of the new football stadium in the Serbian town of Backa Topola, to play against the home team TSC. The small city of 15,000 now has a modern stadium that sits 4,500 that serves as the envy of much larger cities. Fifteen million EUR went...

Sport World 03.09.21 | 21:42

Szijjarto responds to criticism after English players were booed in Hungary

Booing, throwing cups into the field, and reportedly making monkey noises towards English players were among the actions of Hungarian fans, inciting criticism after the England-Hungary World Cup qualifier. Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó responded to the critical remarks in a Facebook post, Hungary...

Macedonia Sport 26.08.21 | 12:26

Vardar held to a goalless draw in its first game in Second League

Vardar, Macedonia’s historically best football team, was unable to score a win in its first match in the Second League, where it was relegated after a disastrous season last year. Vardar played with Korab from Debar, in a game that ended in a goalless draw. The team was devastated after the Zaev...

Other sports 08.08.21 | 11:40

Serbia wins gold medal in men’s water polo competition at Tokyo Olympics

Serbia beat Greece 13-10 for back-to-back Olympic men’s water polo gold on Sunday in the final sporting competition of the Tokyo Olympics. Serbia broke a 10-10 tie with three unanswered goals in the fourth quarter to settle a close match against the Greeks who were appearing in their first major final...

Football 05.08.21 | 16:55

Sejdini opposes Zaev: I will not change the name of the Football Federation of Macedonia

Neither I have given the name, nor do I have the right to change it, said today the president of FFM Muamed Sejdini, adding he will not succumb to pressure to change the name of the Football Federation of Macedonia. From the very beginning I said and repeated many times that neither I have given the...

Other sports 31.07.21 | 15:44

Greece now has a problem with the fact that Eurosport presented Dejan Georgievski from Macedonia

After the Greek reactions during the performances of the Macedonian national football team at the European Football Championship, Greece now has a problem with the Macedonian performance at the Olympic Games in Tokyo and the historic success of Dejan Georgievski, who won a silver medal. According to...

Other sports 31.07.21 | 11:19

Zaev: Dejan became role model to young people that nothing is unattainable, even the Olympics

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev welcomed Dejan Georgievski, the silver medalist at the Tokyo Summer Olympics in taekwondo, together with his coaches Darko Kostovski and Borce Kostovski, congratulated him on his achievement, and thanked him on behalf of the nation for being a role model to young people. Dejan...

Other sports 29.07.21 | 20:41

Dejan Georgievski, who won the silver medal in taekwondo at the Tokyo Olympics, welcomed back in Skopje

Macedonia Sport 29.07.21 | 11:56

Welcoming ceremony for silver medalist Dejan Georgievski begins at 19:30 on the Macedonia Square

Dejan Georgievski, who won the silver medal in taekwondo at the Tokyo Olympics, will be welcomed back to Skopje this evening. His is the first Olympic medal for Macedonia in 20 years. Georgievski will arrive at 14h, and a celebration in his honor will be held on the Macedonia Square starting at 19:30.

Macedonia Sport 28.07.21 | 14:57

Welcoming ceremony for the silver medalist Dejan Georgievski planned for tomorrow at the Macedonia Gate in Skopje

Dejan Georgievski, who won the silver medal in taekwondo – making him the first Macedonian Olympic medal winner in 20 years, will have a welcoming ceremony on Thursday evening. Georgievski will arrive at 19:30 at the Macedonia Gate in downtown Skopje, used for similar ceremonies of sport champions. Meanwhile...

Macedonia Sport 28.07.21 | 12:00

Financial award for silver medalist Dejan Georgievski

The Government announced that it will pay 30,000 EUR to taekwondo fighter Dejan Georgievski, who won the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics – Macedonia’s first medal in 20 years. His coach, VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament Darko Kostovski, will be paid 10,000 EUR.

Macedonia Sport 28.07.21 | 10:39

Another Macedonian wins an Olympic medal – playing for the Canadian softball team

After the silver medal for Dejan Georgievski in taekwondo, another Macedonian won bronze in the Olympics, but in this case for team Canada. Jenna Caira is a Macedonian Canadian pitcher from Toronto, who plays for team Canada. The Canadians beat Mexico in the match for third place yesterday 3:2. Softball...

Macedonia Sport 28.07.21 | 09:48

Ahmeti congratulated the Kosovo Albanian competitors on their medals, but ignored Dejan Georgievski’s medal

DUI party leader Ali Ahmeti congratulated the two Kosovan judo competitors Distria Krasniqi and Nora Gjakova on the gold medals they won at the Tokyo Olympics. On his Facebook page, Ahmeti called this success for “all Albanians”. Zaev’s coalition partner still hasn’t congratulated...

Macedonia Sport 27.07.21 | 22:34

Shop closed as Georgievski’s friends and neighbors gathered to watch the taekwondo final

The final of the taekwondo competition at the Tokyo Olympics was keenly watched in Skopje’s Butel district, where finalist, Dejan Georgievski, is from. Neighbors and friends gathered in sports cafes and shops closed as Georgievski quickly advanced through the quarter and semi-finals to get to the...

Other sports 27.07.21 | 15:43

Georgievski wins taekwondo silver at Tokyo Olympics

Macedonian taekwondo fighter Dejan Georgievski won the silver medal in the +80kg division at the Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday, losing 15:9 to Russia’s Vladislav Larin in the final. Larin took a 2:0 lead in the first round, but Georgievski managed to fight back in the second and maintained the deficit...

Other sports 27.07.21 | 12:16

So far the country had only one: Macedonia has been waiting for a medal for 21 years

Macedonia as an independent country has so far won only one medal at the Summer Olympic Games. The only medal, a bronze one for Macedonia was won by the wrestler Mohammed Ibragimov in the Games in Sydney in 2000. Dejan Georgievski’s medal will be the second for our country. In the past the Macedonian...

Other sports 27.07.21 | 11:07

Georgievski in taekwondo final, to fight for Olympic gold

Macedonian taekwondo fighter Dejan Georgievski advanced Tuesday to the final of the +80kg division of the taekwondo Olympic tournament after beating Korea’s In Kyo Don 12:6 in the semifinal round. Georgievski trailed 0:1 after the first round but stepped up a gear in the second and took a 5:3 lead....

Other sports 27.07.21 | 09:14

Macedonian taekwondo fighter Georgievski beats world champion, advances to quarterfinals of taekwondo Olympic tournament

Macedonian taekwondo fighter Dejan Georgievski advanced early Tuesday to the quarterfinals in the +80kg division of the Olympic tournament after beating current world champion Rafael Alba from Cuba. Georgievski won the first round 5:1 and increased the lead to 10:3 by the end of the second. Eventually,...