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Life 13.09.23 | 13:24

Apple Iphone 12 is forbidden in France

  French regulator ordered to Apples to stop sale  Iphone 12 due to electromagnetic radiation emission and ordered it to recall the phones. The French agency that regulates radio frequencies, ANFR, said testing showed the model emitted more electromagnetic waves susceptible to absorption by the...

Health 04.08.23 | 17:08

Alarm for cancerogenic Serbian potato chips

The Macedonian Agency for Food and Veterinary Services is conducting a state-wide control in search for cancerogenic Serbian potato chips, the Agency’s manager, Nikolche Babovski informed on Friday. The alarm was raised by the Croatian authorities who found extreme amounts of acrylamide in a batch...

Life 27.03.23 | 08:53

Cloudy with intermittent showers

Cloudy with intermittent showers. Some places will see thundestorms and heavy wind from the south in the afternoon. Strong gusts from the north in the evening and overnight will bring light snow to higher elevations. Lows will range between 3°C and 11°C and highs between 13°C and 19°C. Similar weather...

Life 25.03.23 | 20:18

Daylight Saving Time begins

Daylight Saving Time begins on Sunday (March 26), with the clock advancing one hour forward, i.e. from 02:00h to 03:00h. The decision on the daylight saving time was made by the Government at its session held on March 21. Daylight Saving Time will end on 29 October, when the clock will go back an hour,...

Life 20.03.23 | 12:59

First day of spring

Spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere at 22:24h on Monday, while autumn begins in the Southern Hemisphere. This year, spring will last 92 days, 17 hours and 33 minutes, that is, until June 21, 2022 at 16:57 h, when summer begins. The sun in Skopje rose today at 5:38 a.m. and will set at 5:46 p.m....

Health 10.03.23 | 13:31

‘Sober up jab’ could cure hangovers

Scientists are exploring if a “sobering up” injection could help people recover from the negative effects of alcohol, writes Researchers injected ‘drunk’ mice with a hormone called FGF21 (fibroblast growth factor 21), which is usually found in the liver. They found that mice...

Food 24.02.23 | 13:19

Macedonian zelnik ranked the 50th among the best pastry in the world

The world encyclopedia of traditional dishes “Taste Atlas” published a top list of the best pastry in the world. The Macedonian zelnik is ranked 50th on the list. From our neighborhood, in the top 20 are Bulgarian banitsa, Bosnian burek and zeljanica, Croatian cheese burek, Greek bougatsa,...

Life 23.02.23 | 12:27

The median age of the EU’s population is 44.4 years, in Macedonia 41.1

The median age of the EU’s population last year was 44.4 years, which is an increase of 2.5 years compared to 2012. In Macedonia, on the other hand, the median age is 41.1 years, and a decade earlier it was 36.4, Eurostat data show. Cyprus has the youngest population in the EU with an average of...

Health 22.02.23 | 15:28

HIF director doesn’t consider herself responsible for the cyber-attack, she didn’t say how much money the hackers demanded and whether it was paid

The director of the Health Insurance Fund, Magdalena Filipovska-Graskoska, does not feel morally responsible for the hacking of the system. Asked how much money the hackers demanded, Filipovska-Graskoska said “all questions are subject to investigation.” The other director, Faton Ahmeti,...

Health 22.02.23 | 12:44

In three years, instead of the promised 10, we got 5% salary increase, the ruling party ran the campaign on our backs, say healthcare workers who protested today

In three years, instead of the promised 10, we got a five percent salary increase, and the ruling party ran the election campaign on our backs. We demand an increase in wages and compliance with the changes in the minimum wage, say the healthcare workers who protested today during the break in front...

Life Macedonia 19.02.23 | 10:09

Free tour of Skopje and Bitola on the occasion of the International Tourist Guide Day

The International Tourist Guide Day, the Macedonian Association of Tourist Guides and Companions will organize a free tour of Skopje and Bitola today. In Skopje, the starting point is the Mother Teresa Memorial House on “Macedonia” Street finishing at Skopsko Kale. The tours in Skopje will...

Life 16.02.23 | 09:13

Sunny weather with maximum temperature of 15°C

A chilly morning will give way to a warmer, sunny day, with a breeze from the southwest. Lows will range between -8°C and 2°C, and highs between 8°C and 15°C. Similar weather in Skopje, with temperatures up to 11°C.

Travel 12.02.23 | 09:46

Dubai may soon open world’s first moon-shaped luxury resort

Dubai, which already boasts the world’s tallest building — the Burj Khalifa–is now expected to get a gigantic moon-shaped resort soon, reports NDTV. Quoting Arabian Business magazine, NDTV reported Moon World Resorts (MWR), a Canadian architectural firm, has proposed to build the resort...

Life Macedonia 11.02.23 | 16:42

Dr. Nikolov: One drug cannot cost more than human life

The chair of the Health Committee of VMRO-DPMNE, Igor Nikolov, reacts to the fact that the Government is looking for excuses, instead of immediately, without any prolongation, starting the procedure for the procurement of a drug for cystic fibrosis patients because the health and lives of those people...

Macedonia Health 09.02.23 | 14:33

140 million denars have been provided for the “Trikafta” drug for eight cystic fibrosis patients

140 million denars have been provided for the “Trikafta” drug for eight cystic fibrosis patients, Minister of Health Bekim Sali announced on Facebook. Budget funds were provided today for the purchase of the “Trikafta” drug for 8 cystic fibrosis patients. It is about budget funds...

Macedonia Health 09.02.23 | 09:48

Cystic fibrosis patients to protest in front of government building

Patients from the Cystic Fibrosis Association will stage a protest in front of the Government today at 2 pm. This dissatisfaction comes after the death of a cystic fibrosis patient who was waiting for two years for the authorities to provide the necessary therapy. Seven other patients are in a similar...

Health 08.02.23 | 14:57

First patient waiting for cystic fibrosis drug dies

Blagojce Ilievski, the most seriously ill cystic fibrosis patient in the country, died today. The Cystic Fibrosis Association also confirmed the news. In his last statement, Blagojce hoped that he was in that group of eight patients who are in the most serious health condition. I believe that I am in...

Life 03.02.23 | 09:35

Sunny but cold

Sunny with scattered clouds, light snow in places, and moderate wind from the northwest picking up along the Vardar. Lows will range between -4°C and 2°C, and highs between 3°C and 10°C. Similar weather in Skopje, with temperatures up to 9°C.

Life 02.02.23 | 09:29

Sunny weather with few clouds, light snowfall likely in the afternoon and overnight

Sunny with a few clouds and a light to moderate wind from the west. Light snowfall is likely in the afternoon and overnight. Lows will range between -6°C and 0°C, and highs between 5°C and 12°C. Similar weather in Skopje, with temperatures up to 10°C.

Life 28.01.23 | 09:08

Cold and cloudy weather

Cold and cloudy weather is in the forecast for Saturday, with some light snow falling at places. Expect moderate to strong wind blowing from the north, particularly along the Povardarie region. Lows will range between -4°C and 2°C, and highs between 0°C and 7°C. Similar weather in Skopje, with temperatures...