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Macedonia Health 17.03.20 | 14:51

Peak of coronavirus infections expected in a month, 2,000 people in Macedonia could get infected

The peak of coronavirus infections is expected to be in a month, 2,000 people in Macedonia could get infected. Take this information with reservation, Health Minister Venko Filipce said today, informing that 26 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Macedonia by 12 pm today. Every epidemic has a beginning,...

Health 17.03.20 | 14:41

Three new coronavirus patients are from Skopje, two are spouses, the third had symptoms for several days

The new coronavirus cases confirmed in Macedonia are from Skopje. Two of them are spouses who traveled to Bulgaria, and the third had symptoms for several days. His contacts have been mapped and the tests of the patient’s family members are pending, Health Minister Venko Filipce said at Tuesday’s...

Health 17.03.20 | 08:54

First human dosed in clinical trial of potential coronavirus vaccine

The first human volunteer has been dosed with a potential vaccine for the new coronavirus as a Phase 1 trial got under way in the US on Monday. “This is the first of multiple steps in the clinical trial process for evaluating the potential benefit of the vaccine,” said the National Institutes of...

Macedonia Health 12.03.20 | 10:11

Nine coronavirus cases registered in Macedonia so far, pandemic declared worldwide

So far nine people have tested positive for the coronavirus in Macedonia. On Wednesday 12 new people were tested, two of whom were tested positive and others were awaiting results. The measures adopted by the government are being implemented. Students and the chronically ill do not go to school and work....

Macedonia Health 11.03.20 | 19:35

Two more people from Debar test positive for coronavirus

Two more people from Debar who were in contact with the already infected have tested positive for the coronavirus on Wednesday, Health Minister Venko Filipche said at a press conference. All their other relatives living in the same house tested negative. The patients will remain isolated and treated...

Health 10.03.20 | 14:58

There is no resident in Tetovo infected with coronavirus

There is no resident in Tetovo infected with coronavirus in Macedonia. Only one 16-year-old patient is currently being tested for the virus and the results will be known after 3 pm, Health Minister Venko Filipce said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Macedonia Health 10.03.20 | 12:58

Doctor’s Chamber to issue warning for Dr. Caca Biljanovska, and not take away her license

Regarding the case of the director of the Dermatology Clinic who failed to comply with health authorities’ recommendations to report her trip from Italy, the Medical Ethics and Legal Committee of the Doctor’s Chamber will meet tomorrow and make a decision in a sense of issuing a warning...

Macedonia Health 10.03.20 | 09:40

Seven coronavirus cases confirmed in Macedonia so far

The number of coronavirus cases in Macedonia is up to seven, after the director of the Skopje-based University Clinic for Dermatology tested positive, as did three family members of the spouses from the Debar area who are already treated for the virus. The Director of the Dermatology Clinic, Nina Caca...

Macedonia Health 09.03.20 | 21:27

Stojanoska: Filipce’s incompetence cannot be paid with human lives!

Citizens’ health put at risk because of the incompetence of the government and Minister Filipce. We put ourselves in a situation the incompetence of Filipce to be payed with the lives of the citizens. Those who need to protect citizens from the spread of the coronavirus are a major exporter of...

Macedonia Health 09.03.20 | 21:06

Three more people test positive for coronavirus in Macedonia

The Health Ministry informed late on Monday that of the eight patients tested for the coronavirus in the afternoon, three of the family members of the Debar couple tested positive, and the other five tested negative for the coronavirus. So far, seven coronavirus cases have been conformed in Macedonia.

Macedonia Health 09.03.20 | 19:51

How did the director enter Macedonia and spread the virus if there was control when entering the country?

Filipce’s total failure to deal with the coronavirus how did the director get into Macedonia and spread the virus if there was control when entering the country? Protection against coronavirus is not working, the director has been freely walking around for two weeks, and the scanners which Filipce...

Health 24.02.20 | 20:41

Enhanced control at border crossings, isolation centers and crisis headquarters to prevent coronavirus

Enhanced control at all border crossings of passengers arriving from critical regions in northern Italy, providing space for isolation of passengers at several medical centers throughout the country and establishing a crisis headquarters at the Ministry of Health that will coordinate all activities of...

Health 24.02.20 | 17:55

Macedonian citizens who arrived from Italy last night did not undergo medical check-up at the airport

Macedonian citizens living in Italy have begun to return to their home country due to coronavirus fears, which has already claimed seven lives in Italy. A flight from Milan to the Ohrid airport is also expected tonight. However, although Minister Filipce has claimed for days that there are tighter controls...

Life 25.01.20 | 13:24

Blood drive event to honor Tose Proeski

A sixteenth traditional blood drive event is organized on Saturday to honor late Tose Proeski on his birthday, the Skopje Red Cross said in a press release. Tose Proeski’s character and humane work are a positive example and inspiration for many young people who donate blood on this date, as well...

Life 22.01.20 | 17:28

Appeal for help after fire destroys home of Kicevo family

After the house of the Arsoski family from Kicevo burnt down on Tuesday night, the three-member family and their parents were left homeless. The fire affected the entire upper floor of the house with all its furniture burnt down and fortunately there was only material damage. We appeal to all human citizens,...

Life 21.01.20 | 15:14

Prince Harry arrives in Canada to start royal transition

Britain’s Prince Harry has arrived in Canada, where he is expected to spend most of his time after announcing that he wants to “step back” from royal duties. Sky News and other media showed Harry leaving a plane as he arrived at Vancouver airport early Tuesday. Harry‘s wife Meghan, the Duchess...

Life 16.01.20 | 11:55

Mickoski “one on one” with Zare in table football

Hristijan Mickoski faced “one on one” with Zarko Dimitrioski, first in a table football match and then as a guest in the new episode of the popular show. We will see VMRO-DPMNE’s leader in the “One on One” (Eden na Eden) show on Sunday in a completely different relaxed...

Life 13.01.20 | 20:23

British royals have ‘constructive’ talks on Prince Harry and Meghan

Emergency talks held between Queen Elizabeth and other senior British royals on the future of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan were “constructive,” Buckingham Palace says in a statement. “My family and I are entirely supportive of Harry and Meghan’s desire to create a new life as a young family....

Life 09.01.20 | 10:36

Prince Harry and Meghan to step back as senior royals

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have announced they will step back as “senior” royals and work to become financially independent, BBC reported. In a statement, Prince Harry and Meghan also said they plan to split their time between the UK and North America. The BBC understands no other royal...

Life 31.12.19 | 10:51

Sunny weather, temperatures ranging between -4C and 8C

A clear and cold morning, mostly sunny day is in the forecast for Tuesday. Partly cloudy to overcast skies by the end of the day. Expect light to moderate northwest wind. Temperatures will range between -4C and 8C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 3C.