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1,200 men and women in our country are named Makedonka or Makedon

The origin of personal names and surnames is often related to the name of the state. This is the case with about 1,200 men and women in the country. 1,172 women in the whole country are called Makedonka, while 28 men Makedon. The surname Makedonski appears 11 times. In times of change of the country’s...

Health 21:02

What your tongue says about your health

Checking up on your health doesn’t have to be expensive and time-consuming. Of course, getting a full medical workup with lab tests and imaging is important if you need it, but for the average person who just wants to get a sense of how well she digested last night’s dinner or how well his...

Life 16:39

Northern Australia floods send muddy water across Great Barrier Reef

Plumes of polluted water from devastating floods and record-breaking rainfall in north-eastern Australia have spread to parts of the Great Barrier Reef, adding further stress to the beleaguered natural wonder, scientists said Friday. The freshwater flood plumes carrying debris, sediments, nutrients,...

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Lufthansa is suing a passenger for missing a flight

Bargain-hunting travelers beware of this potential trend: Germany’s largest airline is suing a passenger who skipped the last leg of a booked flight, a practice called “skip lagging.” Lufthansa says the unnamed passenger violated its terms and conditions by not completing the entire trip. It’s...

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Overcast weather with local snowfalls

Weather in Macedonia will be overcast with local snowfalls, accompanied by strong north winds. Temperatures will range between -1C and 7C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 3C.

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Bill and Melinda Gates: There’s a nationalist case for globalism

Global engagement is a patriotic duty and leaders have a duty to protect it, Bill and Melinda Gates said Tuesday in an annual letter from The Gates Foundation, a charity the couple established in 2000. Nationalism is a loaded term, but many people would agree to some extent that a country’s first...

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Holders of Bulgarian passport in the UK without visas until 2021

The rights of Bulgarian citizens in the UK will also be guaranteed even after a hard Brexit. This was assured by the head of the Labor and Social Affairs Office at the Bulgarian Embassy in London Vassil Assenov, Novinite reported. He reminded us that our compatriots, who live on the territory of the...

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Slightly overcast weather accompanied by strong south winds

Weather in Macedonia will be sunny and slightly overcast, accompanied by strong south winds. Cloudiness will increase in the afternoon bringing heavy rainfall in western and northern parts of the country. Temperatures will range between 7C and 16C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 13C.

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Sunny and slightly overcast weather

Weather in Macedonia will be sunny and slightly overcast, accompanied by weak to moderate north winds. Temperature will range between -4C and 9C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 8C.

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Schools in England introduce a new subject: mindfulness

Students in England already learn about mathematics, science and history, but hundreds of schools are preparing to expand the traditional curriculum with a new subject: mindfulness. In up to 370 English schools, students will start to practice mindfulness as part of a study to improve youth mental health,...

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Angelina Jolie calls for safe return of Rohingya refugees

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has called on the Myanmar authorities to improve conditions in northern Rakhine state to allow return of Rohingya Muslims currently sheltering in Bangladesh. “They have an absolute right to return home, but only when they feel safe enough to do so voluntarily, and...

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Overcast and sunny weather

Weather in Macedonia will be overcast and sunny in eastern regions. Weak to moderate north winds will blow. Temperature will range between 6C and 16C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 12C.

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‘Peppa Pig’ goes viral ahead of China’s Year of the Pig

The popular British children’s character has become the unofficial mascot of the Year of the Pig, cementing her global popularity and sealing her return to favour in China. A Chinese-language version of the cartoon first aired on state broadcaster CCTV in 2015 and became an overnight sensation among...

Health 20:02

What is Alport syndrome?

Alport syndrome is a genetic condition characterized by kidney disease, hearing loss, and eye abnormalities. People with Alport syndrome experience progressive loss of kidney function. Almost all affected individuals have blood in their urine (hematuria), which indicates abnormal functioning of thekidneys....

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EU praises Facebook, YouTube, others for cracking down on hate speech

The European Commission praised social media giants such as Facebook on Monday for quickly removing illegal hate speech posted on their websites, in line with an EU code of conduct. In 2016, the European Union’s executive asked online giants to sign up to voluntary rules aimed at preventing the...

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Emiliano Sala: ‘This is a bad dream,’ says father after missing plane is found in the English Channel

Emiliano Sala‘s father said he is living “a bad dream” after wreckage of the plane carrying the missing Cardiff City footballer was found on the bed of the English Channel, Independent reported. A privately-funded search operation located the aircraft in waters north of Guernsey on Sunday, after...

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Paris to introduce free public transit for kids under 11

In a series of measures to cut urban pollution, the French capital will be introducing free mass transit for children under 11. According to Le Parisien, “2019 is going to be a historic year for Parisian families”. Beginning in September, all children under 11 will be offered free public transportation. The...

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Bangkok citizens cough up blood as city is blanketed in thick smog

Bangkok has been hit by a thick smog so bad that residents have been coughing and sneezing up blood. The city’s pollution problem has got to such a state that even pets are suffering from illnesses caused by the smog. A thick cloud of toxic smog made up of dangerous PM2.5 particles has become...

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Here are the wildest photos of the polar vortex rocking the US

A polar vortex swept through the Midwest this week, bringing with it historic low temperatures in some areas. Chicago, which was particularly hard-hit, dropped below -20 degrees on Thursday, with wind chill bringing temperatures down into the blistering -40s, Vice reported. The cold snap has claimed...

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Guardian: Mothers are being abused during childbirth

Many women are scared to speak out about their treatment at the hands of medical professionals as they give birth, Guardian wrote. When I had my first baby by caesarean section, I woke up on the operating table. The pain was so extreme as they were cutting me open that as I was regaining consciousness...