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Life 18.05.19 | 10:40

Mostly sunny and warm weather

Mostly sunny and warm with a few passing clouds across the country. Lows will be up to 11C and highs between 18C and 28C. The weather in Skopje will be also sunny and warm with a moderate south wind blowing. Temperature will raise up to 25C.

Life 17.05.19 | 09:13

Overcast weather with sunny periods

Weather will be overcast with sunny periods, local thunderstorms and strong winds. Temperatures will range between 14C and 24C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 20C.

Life 16.05.19 | 09:57

Overcast and rainy weather

Weather will be overcast and rainy, with local thunderstorms and strong winds. Temperatures will range between 15C and 21C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 18C.

Life 14.05.19 | 09:31

Overcast weather with thunderstorms

Weather will be overcast with thunderstorms, accompanied by strong wind. Temperatures will range between 12C and 19C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 19C.

Life 13.05.19 | 21:54

Carbon dioxide level in atmosphere hits record high

The concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth‘s atmosphere has reached a record level, according to scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography who conducted readings at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. The scientists said that the 415.26 parts per million (ppm) recorded over the...

Technology 10.05.19 | 13:49

Amazon CEO Bezos presents prototype for a moon lander

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has unveiled a mock-up of his space company Blue Origin’s design for a Moon lander named “Blue Moon.” “This is an incredible vehicle, and it’s going to the Moon,” Bezos said after unveiling the mock-up at the Washington, DC Convention Center on Thursday, technology...

Life 08.05.19 | 15:35

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reveal newborn son

Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, gave the world a first look Wednesday at their son, who appeared quite comfortable in his new role as royal baby, Washington Post reported. The two-day-old attended his first photocall inside St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, cradled in his father’s...

Life 07.05.19 | 09:47

Pope Francis to sit in a custom made chair during Skopje visit

The papal chair on which Pope Francis will sit while visiting Skopje was custom made in the Skopje workshop “Monozero” owned by Darko Hristov, Telma reports.

Life 07.05.19 | 08:41

Cloudy weather, rainfalls and light snow expected in the morning

Weather will be mostly cloudy accompanied by strong northwest winds, especially along Povardarie region. Rainfalls and light snow expected to fall on the mountains in the morning. Temperatures will range between 6C and 18C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 14C.

Life 06.05.19 | 19:05

Prince Harry on the birth of his son: ‘This little thing is absolutely to die for’

“Meghan and myself had a baby boy!” the Duke of Sussex announced. “It’s been the most amazing experience I could have possibly imagined,” he said, adding “how any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension”. Prince Harry further announced he and Meghan will...

Life 06.05.19 | 18:00

UN report: Human society under urgent threat from loss of Earth’s natural life

Human society is in jeopardy from the accelerating decline of the Earth’s natural life-support systems, the world’s leading scientists have warned, as they announced the results of the most thorough planetary health check ever undertaken, the Guardian reported. From coral reefs flickering out beneath...

Life 06.05.19 | 16:34

Meghan Markle has given birth to a boy

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, has given birth to a boy, she and Prince Harry announced on their Instagram account Monday, CNN reported. “We are pleased to announce that Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their firstborn child in the early morning on May 6th, 2019. Their...

Life 03.05.19 | 20:41

Skopje prepares for the Pope’s visit

Skopje intensively prepares for the Pope’s visit on May 7. Workers at the square are working to set the stage from which the Pope will hold Mass on Tuesday. The area is enclosed with white fences. Lamps are being placed, intervention on fountains is being carried out. These day trees on the Macedonia...

Life 30.04.19 | 10:59

Cloudy weather with occasional rainfalls

Mostly cloudy with occasional rainfalls and thunderstorms. Strong west winds will blow. Temperatures will range between 15C and 23C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 20C.

Life 27.04.19 | 10:15

Orthodox believers celebrate Holy Saturday

Great Saturday is the day between Jesus’ death and His resurrection. It is the day of watchful expectation, in which mourning is being transformed into joy. The day embodies in the fullest possible sense the meaning of xarmolipi – joyful-sadness, which has dominated the celebrations of Great Week. On...

Life 26.04.19 | 08:48

Good Friday- Day of mourning for Orthodox believers

All Orthodox churches are marking Friday the day before the last of the Holy week – Good Friday – the day when Jesus Christ was crucified. According to the evangelic writings, on the day of the death of the God’s son the sky and the earth opened, the sun concealed itself and darkness fell over...

Life 25.04.19 | 10:42

Macedonian Christians celebrate Maundy Thursday

The entire week leading up to Easter marks the passion of Christ, his suffering during his last week on Earth and before his ressurection. It is the culmination of events during Holy Week beginning with Palm Sunday. The coming Good Friday marks the crucifixion of Jesus, the sadest day in the Christian...

Health 23.04.19 | 15:10

12,468 children aged up to 14 years vaccinated in Skopje

12,468 children aged up to 14 years were vaccinated of 16,361 unvaccinated children in Skopje. In the remaining public health centers across the country, 7,776 children of 26,495 unvaccinated children were vaccinated. Only with a vaccination rate of over 95 percent, will we provide collective immunity...

Life 22.04.19 | 16:25

Second day of Orthodox Easter (Monday), non-working day for all citizens

The second day of Orthodox Easter, April 29, 2019, is a non-working day for all citizens of Macedonia, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy said in a press release on Monday. The Ministry congratulates the Easter holiday to all Orthodox believers in Macedonia.

Health 19.04.19 | 11:11

Medical teams set to start on-site vaccination

Medical teams are set to start on-site vaccination in primary and secondary schools on Friday, after a measles outbreak was declared on the entire territory of Macedonia. Education Minister Arber Ademi said Thursday that it is necessary to take measures in order not to compromise public health because...