After the European pricing of the Galaxy S24 series was leaked, some new information has come to light. Details about the pricing of some of its replacement parts might have been revealed. A Slovenian repair shop (Mobistekla) has listed the prices of several replacement parts for the Galaxy S24 series on its website.

If accurate, this should help you understand how much you have to spend if your phone’s screen is damaged or needs to replace its battery after its condition worsens.

Galaxy S24 screen and battery replacement costs
A Slovenian repair shop has listed the prices (via GSMArena) for the battery, screen, front and rear glass, camera, loudspeaker, and other parts of the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. For the Galaxy S24, the battery reportedly costs €68, while the screen and front glass cost €259 to repair. Its front class costs €165, while the one on the rear might cost €71. The camera lens cover reportedly costs €42, while the front and rear cameras cost €69 and €99, respectively.

The battery for the Galaxy S24+ is listed at €72, while its front glass + screen is priced at €255. Its front and rear glass replacement parts are priced at €175 and €72, respectively. The replacement costs for the front and rear cameras of the Galaxy S24+ are €75 and €105, respectively. The lens covers for the rear cameras are listed at €45.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra, the priciest of the three phones in the lineup, is rumored to be priced at €1,449 for the 256GB version. Its screen replacement cost could be €375, while its front and rear glass panels could cost €199 and €48, respectively. The front and rear cameras could cost €66 and €150, respectively. The price for the replacement of the case (body) of the Galaxy S24 Ultra is listed at €350, which is more than €100 higher than the Galaxy S24 (€233) and the Galaxy S24+ (€243), and that could be due to its rumored titanium frame which costs more to make.