The Cinematheque is hosting ‘Visegrád Group Film Evenings,’ dedicated to the cinematic works of the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. Four films will be showcased from April 5–13.

On April 5, the Czech comedy “Empties” (2007), directed by Jan Svěrák, will grace the screen. This film presents a humorous tale of love, as a man adamantly refuses to believe that old age equates to a void of affection, purpose, and societal value.

Following on April 6, the Polish romance “Cold War” (2018), helmed by Pawel Pawlikowski, will captivate audiences. Set against the backdrop of the Cold War in Poland, Berlin, Yugoslavia, and Paris during the 1950s, it narrates a passionate love story between two individuals of contrasting backgrounds and personalities.

On April 12, the Slovak action comedy “Invalid” (2023), directed by Jonáš Karásek, takes center stage. The plot revolves around a disgruntled handyman who loses everything to mobsters, leading to his confinement to a wheelchair. However, with the help of a newfound friend, he learns to view life differently and seeks vengeance.

Concluding the series on April 13 is the Hungarian comedy drama “Moscow Square” (2001), directed by Ferenc Török. Set in 1989, a pivotal year in Hungary’s political landscape, the film portrays a group of high schoolers more interested in parties, romance, quick money, and leaked exam questions than the historic events unfolding around them.

All screenings commence at 8 pm, and admission is free for all attendees.