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Macedonia 25.05.19 | 19:23

SDSM meets on Sunday to deal with Zaev’s promised purge

SDSM is supposed to hold a meeting of its Central Committee on Sunday, as the party faces growing calls to be true to the promise to purge its most corrupt and incompetent officials in the Government and the public administration. Zoran Zaev made the promise of an “operation broom” after...

Economy 25.05.19 | 19:15

VMRO says SDSM refused a series of its proposals to help welfare recipients

VMRO-DPMNE called out the ruling SDSM party for failing to improve the plight of the half a million Macedonians who live below the poverty line. SDSM refused a series of welfare reform bills VMRO proposed in order to help reduce the poverty rate in Macedonia. SDSM refused our proposal to expand the 1.000...

Macedonia 25.05.19 | 18:55

Boy from Skopje who sustained serious burns will be treated in Sofia

The boy from Skopje who sustained serious, 4th degree burns after being shocked by a railway electric cable, will be treated in Sofia. The family and friends began a push to provide medical helicopter transportation to Ljubljana, to have him treated there, but the Healthcare Ministry informed that they...

Macedonia 25.05.19 | 18:40

Ten textile workers hospitalized in difficult condition after a measles outbreak in Stip

The health condition of ten female textile workers from Stip is listed as difficult, after measles spread in a factory. Healthcare workers vaccinated 37 of their colleagues in an attempt to stop the further spread of the disease, but fear that the number will increase, given that many of the workers...

Economy 25.05.19 | 18:35

Russia lifts its ban on the import of peaches and other fruits from Macedonia

Russia withdrew its ban on imports of fruits such as peaches, cherries and plums from Macedonia. The ban was introduced following the spread of a honey fungus, which prompted Russian health services to ban the imports. The lifting on the ban is conditioned with having safety certificates for each shipment.

Balkans 25.05.19 | 18:31

Greeks go to the polls in elections which may affect the future implementation of the Macedonian name deal

Greeks go to the European and municipal elections tomorrow, in a vote that may determine whether the Alexis Tsipras Government will survive until the end of the year or will have to organize early elections. A significant win for the conservative New Democracy could topple Tsipras’ a few months...

Macedonia 25.05.19 | 14:50

The Doorman ante portas: Macedonians not amused as Krsto Mukoski goes to the Vatican

The Macedonian Parliament delegation which took to Rome to celebrate the feast of Ss. Cyril and Methodius contained a number of unsavory characters. It was led by former Albanian terrorist commander Talat Xhaferi, for one. But, none caused as much ridicule in the public as Krsto Mukoski, the ex VMRO-DPMNE...

Economy 25.05.19 | 14:40

Furniture company leaves the region, hundreds of customers in Macedonia say they’ve been duped

A Russian furniture company named Spilit, which operates under the name Nefa in the Balkans, shut down its operations in Serbia and left customers in Macedonia, who paid for its products, stood up. Nefa had a dozen of stores across Macedonia, the latest opening as recently as a year ago. Only in Gostivar...

Macedonia 25.05.19 | 14:29

Facebook users self-organize to help a child with 4th degree burns get a medical helicopter ride to Slovenia

Macedonian citizens are by now accustomed to the public campaigns urging them to donate for the treatment of a patient suffering from a rare disease or whose treatment abroad costs too much for the family and is not being covered by the public Healthcare Fund. But the latest example is particularly jarring....

Macedonia 25.05.19 | 10:35

The case of Radmila Sekerinska: When a life-long politician says that the system is in need of a complete overhaul

A recent statement by Deputy Prime Minister Radmila Sekerinska, that Macedonia needs a wholesale change in the way the country works surprised her supporters and critics alike. Sekerinska has been in politics all her life, as party leader and deputy Prime Minister in various SDSM governments. The system...

Economy 25.05.19 | 10:22

Eurostat shows Macedonians among the last in Europe to move out of their parents’ home

Eurostat research shows that Macedonians are among the last Europeans to move out of their parents’ homes. If on average, a Swede moves out aged 18.5, in Macedonia, as in much of the Balkans, this comes in the early 30-ies. Macedonians would, on average, start their independent life at 31.7 years...

Macedonia 25.05.19 | 10:17

ELEM prepares to sell its Popova Sapka ski resort

The state run energy company ELEM is preparing to sell off its Popova Sapka ski resort near Tetovo. Telma TV reported that the company, which was in the news for the series of nepotistic hirings of relatives of top SDSM and DUI party officials, is working on a feasibility study for the sale of Sapka....

Macedonia 25.05.19 | 10:13

Zaev says the purge is aimed at the most incompetent and arrogant members of his Government

In an interview with the MKD news site, Zoran Zaev said that the coming purge of officials from his Government will be aimed at “those who showed weakness, lack of implementation, failed to meet the expectations or demonstrated arrogance toward the citizens”. Zaev stopped short of saying...

Macedonia 25.05.19 | 10:06

Sterjovski named as member of the Foreign Affair Committee of the Albanian Parliament

Vasil Sterjovski, the first ethnic Macedonian member of the Albanian Parliament after the fall of Communism in this country, was named as a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Macedonian associations in Albania welcomed Sterjovski’s appointment to the 15 member Committee. Sterjovski was named...

Macedonia 24.05.19 | 20:39

Delegation from Macedonia meets Pope Francis to honor the day of Ss. Cyril and Methodius

A delegation from Macedonia, led by Talat Xhaferi, met with Pope Francis in Rome, to mark the day of Ss. Cyril and Methodius. Delegations from Macedonia traditionally visit Rome on the feast of the saints, and pay respects at the tomb of St. Cyril. The celebration comes shortly after Pope Francis visited...

Macedonia 24.05.19 | 20:23

Ten new measles cases reported in Stip

Ten new measles cases were reported in the Stip hospital. The patients include women from a textile factory in the city, whose cases may be related, and have raised fears of more cases to come. Six members of a family from Karbinci were also hospitalized. Immunization rates in Macedonia have dropped...

Macedonia 24.05.19 | 20:19

Zaev expects that Macedonia will join NATO by December

According to Zoran Zaev, Macedonia will be a full NATO member by December. Speaking in the Montenegrin capital of Podgorica, Zaev said that 13 countries have ratified Macedonia’s NATO membership by now. Our expectations are that we will be a full member by the December summit in London, Zaev said. Among...

Macedonia 24.05.19 | 20:15

Afternoon rainstorm hits Macedonia

The forecast afternoon storm is rolling over Macedonia. Temperatures have dropped signifncantly and rains and thunderstorms are reported across the country. Saturday should be calmer, warmer and more stable, but on Sunday, the rains will pick up again, forecasters says.

Macedonia 24.05.19 | 15:26

Mickoski calls for vision to confront the hardships faced by Macedonia

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski urged the nation to work to build a future that would be shared by all. In his letter of congratulations on the day of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Mickoski asked that the vision of the sainted brothers is used in these difficult times. We face dailys hardships and...

Macedonia 24.05.19 | 14:48

After using him as a cause celebre for years, SDSM sends its prosecutors against Tomislav Kezarovski

Supporters of journalist Tomislav Kezarovski, who built up his case as a media freedom issue, are angry after prosecutors announced they will contest the retrial and will push to have him sentenced again. Kezarovski, a journalist covering mostly crime and the police, was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison,...