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Macedonia 20.06.21 | 22:11

Top Interior Ministry official posted a picture of himself doing a nationalist Albanian salute

Shefik Bajrami, deputy head of the uniformed police bureau in the Interior Ministry, posted a picture of himself making the Albanian eagle sign with his hands. The sign is associated with Albanian nationalists, often accompanying calls for unification of the “Albanian lands” in the Balkans....

Macedonia 20.06.21 | 21:57

Macedonia has the worst vaccination rate in the region

Macedonia continues to lag badly in its vaccination rate, and remains worst ranked in the region. With just 22 doses administered per 100 inhabitants, Macedonia is now 85th in the world, down four places from last week. The equivalent ranking includes Samoa and Moldova. Meanwhile, in the region, Albania...

Macedonia Sport 20.06.21 | 19:46

Pandev and Angelovski will bid farewell to the Macedonian team after the game in Amsterdam

Football team captain Goran Pandev and coach Igor Angelovski – Mrme announced they are leaving the team after tomorrow’s game against the Netherlands. This will be my last match for Macedonia. I think that, together with our colleagues, coach Angelovski and I did something that is difficult to...

Macedonia Economy 20.06.21 | 16:11

“New diesel tax will lead to price increases across the board”

What the Government calls an environmental gas tax will have devastating effect on our citizens, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski during his visit to Gazi Baba today. The Zaev regime announced a 4 denar tax per liter of diesel sold.  It’s an interesing choice of words. This is more...

Macedonia 20.06.21 | 16:02

Nikoloski on Zaev: Nobody can respect a man who is willing to erase himself

We see how Zaev is conducting a completely non-transparent process of negotiations and has no end when it comes to his treasons. Nobody can respect a man who is willing to erase himself, said VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader Aleksandar Nikoloski, discussing the negotiations between the Zaev regime and Bulgaria.  After...

Macedonia 20.06.21 | 15:30

Daily corona report: No deaths, 8 new cases

There were no coronavirus deaths reported over the past 24 hours, the Healthcare Ministry reported. Eight new cases were diagnosed, out of 3,265 tests that were conducted. The number of active cases went down to 287.   

Macedonia Economy 20.06.21 | 15:21

Vanco Cifliganec increased his stake in Komercijalna Bank to 15 percent

Real-estate developer and copper magnate Vanco Cifliganec increased his share of the Komercijalna Banka, Macedonia’s largest bank, to 15 percent. Cifliganec purchased nearly 49,000 Komercijalna shares over the week, and now holds 341,860 shares. The move comes as he announced he is moving his real-estate...

Macedonia 20.06.21 | 15:00

After prodding by the press, Zaev’s Government condemns the nationalist video shared by Angel Dzhambazki

Asked by the press, the Macedonian Government obliquely condemned the latest video released by Bulgarian nationalist member of the European Parliament Angel Dzhambazki. In it, the MEP insists that Macedonia is part of the Bulgarian lands. During the latest visit by Prime Minister Zaev to Sofia the governments...

Macedonia 20.06.21 | 14:46

Lake Ohrid: Two brothers from Albania were smuggling marijuana into Macedonia

Albanian police detained a man from a village near Pogradec, on lake Ohrid, and is searching for his brother, over illegal transport of marijuana. The Papajani brothers were using a fishing boat to transport drugs over lake Ohrid, and it’s believed theirs was a well developed route. Albania is a well...

Macedonia 20.06.21 | 13:56

Skopje Mayor Silegov was paying exorbant prices for park benches and water faucets

Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov has been overpaying for park benches and water faucets, said the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party. VMRO reports that the town hall was paying 500 EUR for a bench made of rare woods and 1,500 a piece for water faucets. The party notes that this corrupt spending prevents the city...

Macedonia 20.06.21 | 11:04

Zaev still hasn’t addressed media reports that he offered to declare that the Macedonian and the Bulgarian are the same language

Zoran Zaev has refused to address directly the reports in Bulgarian media outlets, that he was offering a new formula on the Macedonian language – under which it would be declared as the same language as the Bulgarian, just internationally recognized as separate from it. Zaev visited Sofia this...

Macedonia 20.06.21 | 10:02

Bulgarian Justice Minister says he will speed up the issuing of new citizenships, but also criticizes past abuses

Bulgarian interim Justice Minister Janaki Stoilov announced that he will speed up the procedure for applying for Bulgarian citizenship, while also reviewing the activities of the previous conservative Government in this regard. Bulgaria put in place a program for issuing citizenships to Macedonians and...

Macedonia 20.06.21 | 09:55

Tetovo Mayor Teuta Arifi unveils a new invention – “communal” restrooms

Tetovo Mayor Teuta Arifi did not get the social media reaction she wanted when she presented the newly renovated youth center. The image that was quickly shared online was of the restrooms – which has three toilets lined up next to each other without any privacy. Dozens of critical comments poured...

Macedonia 20.06.21 | 09:32

Struga illuminates the Crn Drim river pink in display of pre-election kitsch

Only days after promising to cooperate with the Govenrment and with UNESCO to preserve the unique cultural heritage of the lake Ohrid region, Struga Mayor Ramiz Merko flipped the switch on a kitschy light installation along the Crn Drim river. The river is the main symbol of the city, whose bazaar area...

Macedonia Economy 19.06.21 | 20:59

Inflation watch: Cost of living is up 3 percent in May, retail prices are up 3.9 percent

The Statistics Bureau informs that the cost of living are up 3 percent in May compared to May 2020, and that retail prices went up by 3.9 percent – indicative of the growing inflation rate. This is before the announced new 4 denar duty per liter of diesel kicks in – it is expected to add...

Macedonia 19.06.21 | 20:49

Mafia style shooting near Kumanovo

А 67 year old man from the village of Lojane near Kumanovo was shot and badly injured in a pistol attack. He was shot at by a 25 year old fellow villager identified by the police only as V.Ch. The attacker performed a drive-by attack, typical of the Albanian mafia.

Macedonia 19.06.21 | 17:44

Memorial plaque to Macedonian soldiers killed near Tetovo in 2001 destroyed just two weeks after it was put in place

A memorial to five Macedonian soldiers, who were killed in 2001 in the village of Gajre near Tetovo, was destroyed recently. The plaque was placed at the site of the NLA/UCK ambush just two weeks ago. The desecration of the memorials of our fallen veterans continues. The state has an obligation to protect...

Macedonia 19.06.21 | 17:38

Passport shortage will leave visiting diaspora members without necessary documents

The Alliance of Albanians and Alternative parties called out the Interior Ministry for the shortage of blank passports and other blank documents, which has badly hurt the ability of many citizens to travel. The two Albanian opposition parties remind the Ministry that many Albanian diaspora members come...

Macedonia 19.06.21 | 17:32

Pendarovski meets Bartholomew to discuss the church dispute

President Stevo Pendarovski met with the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in Istanbul, to discuss the long standing request by the Macedonian Orthodox Church to be admitted as equal among other Orthodox churches. Bartholomew sent out a greeting to the faithful in “North Macedonia” but otherwise...

Macedonia Sport 19.06.21 | 17:26

Macedonian goalkeeper Stole Dimitrievski tied for first place in the European Championship

Macedonian goalkeeper Stole Dimitrievski was hard at work in the national team’s games against Austria and Ukraine, but that actually helped him have the best statistics of the championship so far. Dimitrievski was ranked even with the Turkish goalkeeper Ugurcan Cakir with 11 saves, even though...