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Macedonia 06.04.20 | 11:57

Patient from Kocani died from the coronavirus

A man from Kocani has died from the coronavirus epidemic while being treated in Skopje. Kocani Mayor Nikolco lijev confirmed the news today, ahead of the scheduled Healthcare Ministry press conference where reports of newly infected and deceased patients are made. Ilijev said that he last spoke with...

Macedonia 06.04.20 | 11:34

Mickoski: Gratitude to Hungary for sharing its medical reserves with the Macedonian people

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski expressed his gratitude to Hungary which today delivered a significant package of medical assistance to help Macedonia fight the coronavirus. VMRO-DPMNE has turned to its sister parties in Hungary and Slovenia to ask for assistance at a time when purchasing necessary...

Macedonia 06.04.20 | 10:58

Hungary helps Macedonia: Szijjarto delivers 100.000 masks and 5.000 medical suits

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto delivered a package of 100.000 masks and 5.000 protective medical suits to Macedonia this morning, to help our efforts to fight the coronavirus epidemic. This is the second significant bilateral shipment of assistance, after a planeload arrived from Slovenia...

World 06.04.20 | 10:47

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hospitalized over his coronavirus infection

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had to be hospitalized as the coronavirus infection persisted for over 10 days. The Government said that he did not require an ambulance and was admitted as a non-emergency patient.

Macedonia 06.04.20 | 10:41

Person quarantined on Popova Sapka tests positive to the coronavirus

One person from Radovis, who was ordered into quarantine in a hotel in the Popova Sapka ski resort, tested positive to the coronavirus. The person returned to Macedonia from abroad, and as all other such arrivals, had to be quarantine for two weeks. Tetovo municipal officials said that they are following...

World 06.04.20 | 10:37

Hungary: Orban orders public parking to be made available free of charge

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban signed a decree to make public parking free of charge across the country. Orban said that this will help the public while the country tackles with the coronavirus pandemic. The move will apply to public schools as well, which can now be used as parking spaces.

Macedonia 06.04.20 | 10:33

VMRO blasts SDSM for giving money to Katica Janeva’s accomplices instead of helping doctors and nurses

The opposition VMRO-DPMNE party warns that the situation in Macedonia has gotten out of control, and offered its own assistance to the SDSM led Government to protect the country from the coronavirus. VMRO-DPMNE said that so far, SDSM looks more interested in rewarding its partisan activists, such as...

Macedonia 06.04.20 | 10:10

Zaev “asks” companies to donate to the corona fund, warns that the Government knows the state of their bank accounts

SDSM party leader Zoran Zaev threatened companies to donate to a fund set up by the Government to support the budget, telling them omniously that “the Government knows how much money you have in your bank accounts”. During an interview, Zaev was asked about the huge projected budget deficit....

Macedonia 06.04.20 | 10:01

Hungarian Foreign Minister Szijjarto delivers medical aid to Macedonia

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto arrives to Macedonia today to deliver a package of medical aid for tacking the coronavirus epidemic. This is the second such shipment to arrive to Macedonia, after a planeload delivered from Slovenia last week, following a request sent out from the opposition...

World 05.04.20 | 22:20

Queen Elizabeth says ‘better days will return’ in rare and historic coronavirus address

Queen Elizabeth II, in a rare televised address on Sunday evening, sought to rally her fellow Britons to confront the coronavirus pandemic with the resolve and self-discipline that have seen the nation through its greatest trials, the New York Times reported. “I am speaking to you at what I know is...

Macedonia 05.04.20 | 22:06

Two coronavirus deaths – Filipce announced tightening of measures

We are at a critical point as we expect the number of COVID-19 cases to increase and since we are several weeks away from a peak, we are entering a new phase of managing the whole process. If the situation worsens, we will propose other measures that will increase the restriction, Health Minister Venko...

Macedonia 05.04.20 | 21:48

Hospital staff is begging for help

Is there anyone to donate masks for the Jane Sandanski polyclinic? Strumica hospital is looking for hats… These are just some of the calls on social networks through which health workers are asking for help, donations for their protection at work while fighting the coronavirus. Medical staff from virtually...

Economy 05.04.20 | 15:51

Leave the vanities, politics must now have only two goals, saving lives and economic chance of surviving the crisis

The leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski held Sunday a press conference at which he stressed that the state of emergency and the epidemic is not politics, it is not a political contest, it is not polls, it is not an election and it is not a party interest. This epidemic is a threat to the health and...

Macedonia Health 05.04.20 | 15:28

72 new coronavirus cases confirmed in Macedonia, one patient dies

72 new coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the country, bringing the total number of diagnosed patients to 555, the Ministry of Health informed on Sunday. The Ministry also informed that a 63-year-old man from Labunista (Struga), who was hospitalized in a very critical condition, passed away Infectious...

Macedonia 05.04.20 | 12:32

In these difficult times of major crisis, instead of thinking about how to save lives, SDSM comes up with fake news

In these difficult times of major crisis, instead of thinking about how to save lives, they come up with fake news, says Hristijan Mickoski, the leader of VMRO DPMNE. According to Mickoski, the truth wins. I would like to thank once again the Prime Minister of Slovenia and friend of Macedonia, Janez...

Macedonia 05.04.20 | 12:27

Cold shower for SDSM, Jansa tweets that Slovenia’s aid came at Mickoski’s request

A few days ago, the first plane from Slovenia landed at Skopje airport with humanitarian aid of hundreds of thousands of protective masks and gloves for the Macedonian institutions. It is the only aid that Macedonia has received from another country during the pandemic with Covid-19 that has affected...

Macedonia 05.04.20 | 12:15

During times of coronavirus crisis, government issues decree for payment of huge salaries at the corrupt SPO

The government used the state of emergency over the coronavirus to adopt a decree for payment of salaries at the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office, which has proven to be a corrupt institution. During times when the coronavirus is gaining momentum, with as many as five dead over 24 hours and the...

World 05.04.20 | 11:33

Two dead after building near Moscow collapses in gas explosion

Two people have died after a multi-storey residential building collapsed in a gas explosion near the Russian capital Moscow on Saturday. At least six other people were injured, the Russian news agency TASS reported, citing the civil protection authorities. The emergency services rescued several residents...

World 05.04.20 | 11:30

Budapest empty – 733 coronavirus cases, 34 deaths in Hungary

The number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Hungary has risen to 733, with two more deaths, according to So far, a total of 34 people have died and 66 have recovered. 13,435 people are in quarantine, and 21,250 people have been tested so far. Будимпешта празна…....

Macedonia 05.04.20 | 11:25

Covid-19 in the region: Macedonia among the countries with the highest number of deaths per million inhabitants

Analyzes show that we are the second country in the region in terms of the number of coronavirus tests performed per 1 million inhabitants. We have enough tests to meet the needs of our country. This is an excellent result, not only for the number of tests, but also for the overall approach to identifying...