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News 11:50

Zaev opens door to additional constitutional amendments and concessions to ethnic Albanians

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced additional amendments to the Constitution with more concessions to his growing ethnic Albanian base, where he competes for votes against the DUI, AA and BESA parties, as ethnic Macedonians turn their back on him. Speaking with the Albanian language Alsat TV, Zaev said...

Economy 11:34

Mickoski: Zaev prepares to cut retirement incomes

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski warned retirees that they can expect to see real life cuts to their incomes as the Zaev Government moved to reduce the rate of increase. There has been no increase in retirement incomes in the two years they’ve been in power, and now the Zoran Zaev Government...

Culture 11:26

Cultural promotion of Macedonia in New York: Mariovo Wedding Costume on video panel in Times Square

The Mariovo Wedding Costume with the slogan Macedonia: Enchanting, Engaging, Enthralling! Discover Macedonian Cultural Arts was aired on a video panel all day yesterday in the famous Times Square in New York City. 

Macedonia 11:15

Albanian man who stabbed his wife to death in Austria was a violently jealous gambler and possibly an Islamist

Xhemail M., a 36 year old ethnic Albanian citizen from Macedonia who stabbed his 32 year old wife Zemira K. to death in the Austrian city of Tulln, was a gambler and violent spouse who was also interested in Islamist ideology, Austrian police informed. Yes, I wanted to kill her, Austrian police spokesman...

Macedonia 11:06

When Zaev says “nationality” it means one thing translated in Albanian and Greek and another in Macedonian

In an interview with Alsat TV, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev stated that the word “nationality” which in his deal with the Greeks is defined as “Macedonian/citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia”, refers only to citizenship and not to the ethnic background of the Macedonian citizens....

Culture 10:59

Oscar nominations announced in Los Angeles

Oscar voters on Tuesday showered Alfonso Cuaron’s “Roma” and Yorgos Lanthimos’ “The Favourite” with a leading 10 nominations to the 91st Academy Awards, while two dominant but contentious Hollywood forces — Netflix and Marvel — each scored their first best picture nomination, AP reported. Though...

World 10:52

France on alert for snowfall, Eiffel Tower closes

Light snow fell on the French capital on Tuesday, causing some minor travel and transport disruptions and closures of monuments, as well as leading some enthusiasts to go snowboarding and take pictures. A winter storm began to spread from the Atlantic coast at daybreak on Tuesday, covering Normandy,...

World 10:42

Top US court allows Trump to restrict transgender military service

The US Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed President Donald Trump’s restrictions on transgender military service to take effect pending the outcome of litigation on the sensitive issue, AFP reports. The White House had asked the Supreme Court to intervene after lower courts prohibited Trump’s administration...

Balkans 10:01

Around 100 miners trapped underground in Trepca

Around 100 miners were trapped inside a mine in the Kosovo’s town of Mitrovica after an alleged elevator malfunction. But authorities announced that an alternative solution has been found and miners have been rescued and are in good health. The head of the trade union of Trepca miners, Shyqyri Sadiku,...

World 09:51

Germany suspends participation in EU’s Mediterranean naval mission

Germany is suspending participation in Operation Sophia, the EU naval deployment to counter human trafficking across the Mediterranean. Following the deployment of the frigate Augsburg, no other German navy ship will participate, dpa reports. Operation Sophia was launched in 2015. It is tasked with apprehending...

Macedonia 22:22

US official who pushed Macedonia to change its name resigns from the State Department

Wess Mitchell, the US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian affairs, best known in Macedonia for forcibly pushing the public to accept the deal with Greece to rename the country, has resigned from the State Department. Although Mitchell resigned via the Washington Post, a paper extremely...

Macedonia 22:03

Buckovski: Zaev will pay the price for what he did at the next elections

Former Prime Minister and SDSM leader Vlado Buckovski expects that Zoran Zaev will pay a heavy price at the upcoming presidential and possible early general elections. Buckovski said that he approves Zaev’s move to sign a treaty with Greece and rename Macedonia in exchange for joining NATO and...

Macedonia 21:49

Skopje mayor Silegov faces backlash over steep clinic parking fees again

Skopje mayor Petre Silegov apologized to the citizens for the second round of increases of the parking fees at the main Skopje Mother Teresa clinic. After sparking a protest of clinic employees, Silegov today faced angry comments from patients, who were forced to pay 70 denars (1.2 EUR) per hour of parking. We...

Macedonia 21:44

Woman hidden in the trunk of a car found at the Blace border crossing

Customs officers at the Blace border crossing towards Kosovo were shocked today when they found a 20 year old woman hidden in the trunk of a vehicle they stopped. The car had Macedonian license plates and was driven by a Macedonian citizen who was acting suspiciously during the crossing. At one point...

Culture 15:55

Macedonian publisher releases ten new children’s books by Chinese authors

Makedonika Litera has released ten new titles by Chinese authors as part of a new series of children’s books. The Best of Chinese Children’s Literature series is a collaboration between the Macedonian publisher and Dolphin Books from China. The project is based on the authors’ own selections...

World 15:28

Macedonian stabs own wife in Austria parking lot

The eerie series of blood in the new year will not break, especially in Lower Austria: Monday afternoon was a 32-year-old already fifth murder victim in 2019. According to first reports, the bloody murder occurred in the parking lot of a large food store in the Frauentorgasse in Tulln. There a Macedonian...

Culture 14:48

Film Agency issues Call for financing projects for feature, short films, documentaries or animation films in 2019

The Macedonian Film Agency has issued a Call for financing projects for production of feature films and short films, documentaries or animation films in 2019. You can read the call on the following link.

World 14:14

France, Germany strengthen treaty ties to tackle EU crisis

France and Germany Tuesday signed a new friendship treaty to deepen their alliance at a time of crisis for the EU, drawing fire from the far right whom President Emmanuel Macron slapped down for “spreading lies” about the pact, AFP reported. Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel inked the accord...

World 13:48

FT forecasters: Brexit will be stopped, Trump impeached

The Financial Times has once again shared its forecast for the new year. What follows is an excerpt of their predictions for 2019, from Brexit to Trump. Will Brexit be stopped? Yes, according to FT’s Philip Stephens. “At the eleventh hour Britain will rescue itself from this act of self-harm....

World 12:35

Viral video shows employees who missed targets forced to crawl along road as punishment

Footage filmed in China of workers forced to crawl in the road has gone viral online with social media users blaming both the company and the workers for the display. The video, filmed in Zaozhuang City in eastern Shandong Province, shows the female workers crawling on all fours down a road, busy with...