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Macedonia Culture 19.10.21 | 10:21

Culture Minister Stefoska opens an event dedicated to the fight against the Bulgarian occupation in World War Two

Culture Minister Irena Stefoska opened the event dedicated to the writers, poets, painters and other artists who were inspired by the partisan movement in the Second World War. At a time when the Zaev regime is preparing the Macedonian public for major concessions to Bulgaria on national identity issues,...

Culture 18.10.21 | 10:11

Macedonian Language Institute holds Open Days

“Krste Misirkov” Macedonian Language Institute opens its doors to visitors this week during its traditional Open Days at the Institute event, which will run through October 22. Elena Jovanova-Grujovska, director of the “Krste Misirkov” Macedonian Language Institute and Nikola Stojanovski, first...

Macedonia Culture 14.10.21 | 11:09

Week of Albanian films in the Cinematheque

The Cinematheque in Skopje is planning a week of Albanian films, starting on the 21st. The program is prepared together with the Albanian National Center of Cinematography, and will include films from Gjergj Xhuvani, Namik Ajazi, Gentilan Koci and others.

Macedonia Culture 04.10.21 | 14:20

Simon Trpcevski will open the new season of the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra

World famous Macedonian pianist Simon Trpcevski will perform at the opening of the new season of the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra. The concert is scheduled for Thursday at 20h, and the program will include works from Franz Liszt, conducted by Gabriel Bebeselea. Gabriel invited me to work together...

Macedonia Culture 01.10.21 | 17:31

Struga: Monument to poet Ante Popovski damaged by hooligans

A bust of poet Ante Popovski was torn off its pedestal in StrugaThe bust was eventually found near the shore of lake Ohrid. The Struga Poetry Evenings association called on the police to identify the vandals that damaged the monument to one of Macedonia’s best known poets.

Macedonia Culture 22.09.21 | 14:03

White Night festival in Skopje

The White Night festival will be held on Saturday, at a dozen locations across the capital Skopje. The earlier events begin at 20h, and will include concerts, artist exhibitions and open air movie screenings. Venies will include the Kursumli An site, the Youth Cultural Center, various parks and the Tri...

Macedonia Culture 19.09.21 | 10:56

Aleksandar Todoroski wins Makfest 2021

Singer Aleksandar Todoroski won the 36th Makfest festival that took place yesterday in Stip. His song “Under the same sky” won the most points from the jury and the audience. It is written by Risto Samardziev and arranged by Davor Jordanovski. Martinijan Kirilovski was second placed and the...

Macedonia Culture 16.09.21 | 21:20

Festival of “live statues” in Skopje

Friday and Saturday evening, a parade of “live statues” will be held on Macedonia Street in downtown Skopje. The costumed performers will interact with the citizens as well as with the actual monuments and landmarks in the city.

Culture 29.08.21 | 12:11

Mihajlovski: Under the current government, Macedonia will never film a series like “Shadows over the Balkans”

Zoran Zaev set Macedonia back as in the period before 45′. They set us back years, I do not believe that we were more humiliated because we had a state and we allowed to lose it. This is how the actor and candidate for mayor of Kumanovo, Toni Mihajlovski, describes the rule of Zoran Zaev and the...

Macedonia Culture 27.08.21 | 10:41

Painting from artist Matej Bogdanovski stolen in Skopje

Young artist Matej Bogdanovski reported that one of his paintings was stolen and is urging the public to help retrieve it. In a social media post, Bogdanovski said that the painting was stolen while his brother was moving and left it briefly in an open car. The artist shared the painting with the public,...

Culture 19.08.21 | 17:29

Marija Pavlovska and Zaneta Vangeli work participate in AAMA International Art Exhibition 2021 in Hangzhou, China

Macedonian artists Marija Pavlovska and Zaneta Vangeli work has been selected to participate in AAMA International Art Exhibition 2021, based in Hangzhou, China. AAMA showcases the work of more than 80 artists from 50 countries around the world, curated by Qi Luo, artist and director of AAMA International...

Macedonia Culture 27.07.21 | 17:11

Simon Trpceski will perform with Maxim Vengerov in Brussels

Macedonian pianist Simon Trpceski will perform in Brussels with the legendary violinist Maxim Vengerov. The two will appear at the Musica Mundi festival, performing works from Mozart, Franck, Prokopief and Ravel.

Macedonia Culture 25.07.21 | 22:52

Ljutkov: VMRO-DPMNE will invest in our cultural institutions and heritage

Actor Zoran Ljutkov, who leads the Culture Committee in VMRO-DPMNE, condemned the Zaev Government for swapping four Culture Ministers in as many years. According to Ljutkov, this does not allow any serious discussion about culture and its management. During a party event in Ohrid, Ljutkov promised major...

Macedonia Culture 25.07.21 | 21:55

Mickoski announces two major projects that will lead to serious decentralization of power

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski announced two steps that will allow significant decentralization of power in Macedonia. Mickoski said that under the future VMRO-DPMNE led Government, citizens will be allowed to divert a portion of their tax funds for a local project they support, and that a number...

Culture 20.07.21 | 10:36

Serbian National Theatre’s play “Who killed Janis Joplin?” at Ohrid Summer Festival

Serbian National Theatre from Novi Sad is to perform the play “Who killed Janis Joplin?” on Tuesday evening at the Dolni Saraj stage within Ohrid Summer Festival. The cast includes Bojana Milanovic, Sonja Isailovic, Stefan Vukic, Dimitrije Arandzelovic, Vukasin Rangelovic, Petar Banjac, Filip Grubach...

Culture 18.07.21 | 18:19

President Pendarovski and his wife attend Galicnik Wedding Festival

President Stevo Pendarovski and his wife Elizabeta Gjorgievska attended on Sunday the 47th Galicnik Wedding Festival, which is held under his auspices. During the weekend, the traditional wedding customs and rituals were held, which abound with authentic costumes, original songs and dances, characteristic...

Macedonia Culture 09.07.21 | 16:37

Macedonian dancers joined in the Guinness record for the longest horo

Macedonian dancers were part of the Guinness world record for the longest horo, that was set in Russia. A total of 2,700 dancers from 37 countries took part in the event in the city of Ufa, but given that tourists from various countries joined in, the number of countries rose over 50. The Macedonian...

Macedonia Culture 31.05.21 | 12:57

Simon Trpceski receives standing ovation at a good-will concert in Sofia

The best known Macedonian pianist Simon Trpceski received a standing ovation in Sofia where he performed works by Beethoven with Macedonian violinist Aleksandar Kraposki and Bulgarian chelist Aleksandar Somov and the Sofia Philharmonics Orchestra. Both Culture Ministers, Irena Stefoska and Velislav Minekov...

Macedonia Culture 25.05.21 | 19:22

Bitola museum director hired her own son to excavate the Heraclea Lyncestis mosaics – causing irreparable damage to the site

The VMRO-DPMNE branch in Bitola called for an investigation into the local museum director Meri Stojanova, who hired her own son to excavate at the ancient Heraclea Lyncestis site. The crew was not skilled for the job and caused damage to a priceless mosaic. Director Meri Stojanova hired her son and...

Culture 23.05.21 | 20:52

Culture Ministry terminates contracts for 21 approved projects and demands the money back

Following an internal control by the Inspection Department, the Ministry of Culture will terminate the contracts with the beneficiaries of approved projects from last year, who did not submit proof that they realized them or that they did not submit complete documentation for them, Telma reported. It...