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Culture 14.07.19 | 14:17

Galichnik Wedding bride and groom to exchange vows

Marina Petrovska and Ognen Karagjozovski are the bride and groom of the 46th Galichnik Wedding Festival. The couple will exchange vows on Sunday in the church “St. Apostle Peter and Paul” as part of the traditional wedding customs. The spectacular Galichnik Wedding Festival started on Saturday evening...

Culture 13.07.19 | 19:53

2019 Galichnik Wedding Festival begins

A song and three shots fired in the valley of Bistra will mark the start of the Galichnik Wedding Festival and open the season of Miak weddings. Participants in the event, which is a celebration of love, will get the chance to dance to the rhythm of centuries-old, traditional wedding melodies. Ognen...

Culture 12.07.19 | 23:25

Vanessa Mae opens ‘Ohrid Summer’

The 59th Ohrid Summer Festival began with a concert of world-renowned violinist Vanessa Mae in the Antique Theatre on Friday evening. Here are some photos of Vanessa’s preparations for her performance in Ohrid, including getting a fresh haircut at a popular Ohrid salon.

Culture 12.07.19 | 13:10

The traditional Galicnik wedding will be held this weekend

The 46tg Galicnik wedding ceremony will be held this weekend with Marina Petrovska and Ognen Karagozovski selected to be the happy couple. The historically important and visually stunning village of Galicnik on Mt. Bistra is now largely depopulated but keeps alive the tradition of the wedding which draws...

Culture 11.07.19 | 13:01

Opening of exhibit ‘The Great Steppe: History and Culture’ in Archaeological Museum

Exhibit The Great Steppe: History and Culture of the Kazakhstan National Museum, including the Golden Man from the 5th century B.C., known as the Kazakh Tutankhamun, will open in the Skopje-based Archaeological Museum on Thursday. Skopje is the ninth city where the exclusive exhibit from Kazakhstan is...

Culture 04.07.19 | 18:47

2019 Galičnik Wedding Festival on July 12-14

Marina Petrovska and Ognen Karagjozevski were picked to be this year’s bride and groom who will exchange vows at the 46th Galičnik Wedding Festival, set to take place on July 12-14 in the village of Galičnik. According to Aleksandar Kostic from the organization team of the Galičnik local community...

Culture 28.06.19 | 19:58

Husni Ismaili takes over Culture Minister post from Asaf Ademi: I will continue implementing the government’s program

Husni Ismaili took over on Friday a ministerial post from Asaf Ademi, becoming the new Minister of Culture. Ademi wished the newly elected Minister Ismaili a warm welcome and wished him success in overcoming the challenges related to the realization of the current and future projects of the Ministry...

Culture 27.06.19 | 15:56

MANU’s areal linguistic research center hosts workshop on dialects, descriptive grammar

Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts’ areal linguistics research center is hosting a linguistic workshop in Ohrid on June 27 to 29. The workshop will examine methods used in compiling dialect atlases, the theory, and methodology behind dialectology, recent developments in Macedonian dialects,...

Culture 16.06.19 | 16:27

Best plays awarded at the Vojdan Cernodrinski festival

Organizers of the Vojdan Cernodrinski theater festival in Prilep handed this year’s awards to the best plays. The recipient of the jury’s award was Bakshi – a short overview of dissolution, a play directed by Belgrade based author Igor Vuk Torbica, performed by the Bitola theater. The...

Culture 07.06.19 | 09:47

Lazar Lichenoski art school to celebrate 75th anniversary

Lazar Lichenoski Public High School of Art and Design will celebrate its 75th anniversary by hosting an exhibition of artwork by its students and teachers, and a fashion show directed by costume designer Lira Grabul. Grabul, who teaches at Lazar Lichenoski art and design high school, has organized the...

Culture 06.06.19 | 12:38

Philharmonic to present Sound of the Future Generation

The National Philharmonic is presenting on Thursday evening The Sound of the Future Generation, a symphonic concert conducted by Borjan Canev and featuring up-and-coming musicians performing as soloists. They will play pieces by Italian composer Saverio Mercadante, Macedonian composer Duke Bojadzhiev,...

Culture 05.06.19 | 19:21

André Rieu prepares an unforgettable performance in Skopje: 9 trailers with equipment arrived

The VIP Arena “Boris Trajkovski” is preparing for an unforgettable event. The production team for  André Rieu’s concert in Skopje arrived Wednesday with 9 trailers with equipment. On Thursday we are expecting a real musical spectacle, the organizers said.

Culture 05.06.19 | 19:05

MWA’s poetry reading to celebrate linden trees in blossom

The Macedonian Writers Association is hosting Linden Festival, its annual poetry event celebrating linden trees in blossom, which will include readings by award winners and international guests. Macedonian poet Radovan P. Cvetkovski and Albanian poet Arian Leka are the winners of this year’s Literary...

Culture 31.05.19 | 11:34

“Aida” closes 47th May Opera Evenings

The May Opera Evenings traditionally end with the performance of opera “Aida” by Giuseppe Verdi on the last day of the month. The modern “Aida” is a blend of visual innovation with tradition, a virtual scenery that, as announced by the National Opera and Ballet, will lead the...

Culture 30.05.19 | 15:27

Ex political prisoner returns to the Macedonian National Theater

Beloved actor Vlado Jovanovski returns to the Macedonian National Theater after an absence of two years, during which he was imprisoned by the Zaev regime for co-organizing the protests against the name change. Jovanovski was arrested in November 2017 and charged with “terrorism”, as part...

Culture 30.05.19 | 11:39

Zaev invites Tamara for a photo-op

Zoran Zaev met with Tamara Todevska to congratulate her on the good result at the Eurovision song contest. Tamara won the most points from the jury but failed to make headway with voters across Europe and was eventually ranked seventh. Zaev’s PR machine used Tamara’s Eurovision bid as a...

Culture 30.05.19 | 11:22

Sting postpones his Skopje concert by a few hours after it clashed with the handball Champions League final

Sting will postpone his concert in Skopje by a few hours, to allow his fans to follow the handball Champions League final in Cologne. Vardar fans are hoping the team makes it all the way to the June 2nd final, and the event clashes with the planned Sting concert, but the British star was willing to perform...

Culture 27.05.19 | 17:04

Furniture and interior design students hold first exhibit

From May 27 through June 2 at Skopje City Museum, the Faculty of Design and Technologies of Furniture and Interior will hold its first-ever exhibition, featuring over 200 drawings and models. The student exhibition is an opportunity for upcoming furniture and interior designers to present their work...

Culture 22.05.19 | 18:48

May Opera Evenings to stage Puccini’s La Bohème

Giacomo Puccini’s opera masterpiece La Bohème will be staged Wednesday evening as part of the 47. May Opera Evenings. The opera is directed by Dejan Proshev, and the conductor is Oliver Balaburski. La Bohème is an opera in four acts, set in Paris.It reveals the story of a sweetly tragic romance,...

Culture 22.05.19 | 17:37

Belgrade hosts Macedonian Culture Days

Monday night’s concert titled Communities Together opened this year’s Macedonian Culture Days, an annual celebration of Macedonian culture held for the ninth time in Serbia’s capital. The concert held at Belgrade’s Theater 78 included performances by representatives of the city’s Macedonian,...