The coalition’s presidential candidate, Arben Taravari, has refuted a report from Albania’s Top Channel regarding a clandestine meeting and alleged proposition from DUI leader Ali Ahmeti following the initial round of the presidential elections.

According to the report, Taravari purportedly received a substantial offer from Ahmeti to join the European Front, with Taravari allegedly confirming the meeting.

Shortly after experiencing defeat in yesterday’s presidential elections, Arben Taravari, leader of the Alliance of Albanians, convened a discreet meeting with DUI leader Ali Ahmeti and caretaker PM Talat Xhaferi. While Taravari acknowledged the meeting to domestic news outlets, he refrained from divulging further details. When asked about his stance on Ahmeti’s offer, Taravari stated that he would address the public in the forthcoming days, as reported by Top Channel.

In a Facebook statement, Taravari vehemently dismissed the news as false and insinuated that it wouldn’t be surprising if Ahmeti had approached him with an offer.

“It is disheartening to discover, through a reputable Albanian media outlet, the claim that I engaged in a meeting with Ahmeti and other DUI officials last night to entertain his offer. This is unequivocally untrue. Whoever provided information to Top Channel is disseminating falsehoods. Last night, I expressed my appreciation to my team, and today we are steadfastly pursuing our objectives for change. While I am accustomed to Ahmeti’s overtures, I find it unsurprising if he were to approach me. However, this news is entirely fabricated,” asserted Taravari.

On Wednesday’s elections, Taravari garnered 83,356 votes, trailing behind DUI candidate Bujar Osmani, who secured 120,903 votes.