Speaking from Tetovo, I declare that immediately upon victory and the formation of the government, a significant portion of the budget will be allocated to addressing long-standing infrastructure challenges in Tetovo, Gostivar, Kichevo, Struga, Debar, and several other municipalities in western Macedonia,” promised Mickoski. “I commit that within the framework of the 250 million euro project for municipal infrastructure development, funds will be directed to these areas. Additionally, we will prioritize the development of Stip’s New Village, as well as Tetovo’s Tearce and Audrey, and Strumica’s Kuklish, ensuring equitable progress across regions.”

He emphasized that citizens are weary of empty promises and rhetoric about rights, when the reality often involves corruption and unfair tender processes. Mickoski pledged tangible improvements to people’s lives through concrete actions, a commitment that the future government under VMRO-DPMNE leadership will fulfill.