The director of the Health Insurance Fund, Magdalena Filipovska-Graskoska, does not feel morally responsible for the hacking of the system. Asked how much money the hackers demanded, Filipovska-Graskoska said “all questions are subject to investigation.”

The other director, Faton Ahmeti, was on vacation at the time of the cyber attack, which he did not interrupt after the system crash. According to Filipovska-Graskoska, the investigation will show who is guilty.

From the first moment when I entered this institution, I have been making efforts to provide better service to the citizens, said Graskovska, then she was reminded of the issue of moral responsibility. She added: “We made the maximum effort to solve the problem. I think the fact that it was resolved so quickly shows that we are doing our job. It is hasty and incorrect to point the finger of blame at anyone.”

Filipovska-Graskoska did not want to comment on the vacation of the other director of the Fund, Faton Ahmeti. She asked the journalists to ask him personally why he did not stop it.

I think it would be unprofessional and incorrect for me to comment on his behalf. The colleague was informed about the situation and the briefing, according to the decision, he is still on vacation, Filipovska-Graskoska added.