In three years, instead of the promised 10, we got a five percent salary increase, and the ruling party ran the election campaign on our backs. We demand an increase in wages and compliance with the changes in the minimum wage, say the healthcare workers who protested today during the break in front of the Clinical Center and “8 September” hospital in Skopje.

Apart from Skopje, simultaneous protests were held in other cities across the country.

During the pandemic in 2020, our hospital and the entire healthcare system were plunged into the pandemic. Then the elections were in sight and everyone campaigned on the backs of healthcare workers. We were expecting a 10 percent salary increase as promised by the ruling party to happen every year, and so far we have only received a five percent salary increase in healthcare. That’s why we expect this annex to be signed as soon as possible so as not to cause a revolt among all other health professionals, says Orce Eftimov, a biochemist at the “8 September” hospital.