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Macedonia 24.07.21 | 14:01

Daily corona report: Number of new cases remains elevated with 37 reported

The number of newly diagnosed coronavirus cases continues to remain elevated, with 37 reported today, slightly reversing the period of lull in the pandemic. Tetovo and Skopje continue to lead with the number of new cases, with 13 and 12 diagnosed persons. The total number of tests for the day was 4,264....

Macedonia 16.07.21 | 10:36

Nearly 12,000 vaccine doses issued in one day

Nearly 12,000 doses of vaccines were issued yesterday – of them 4,799 were given as first doses. The Healthcare Ministry informs that so far, 267,000 people have received both doses of any vaccine, and a total of 713,000 doses were issued. The dominant vaccine being issued now is the Chinese made...

Macedonia 15.07.21 | 14:52

Corona report: Number of active cases continues to rise

The slight increase in the number of newly diagnosed coronavirus cases that was observed over the past days continues. The Healthcare Ministry informed that 26 people were diagnosed with the virus (out of 2,866 total tests) and the number of active cases rose to 225. Skopje and Tetovo again lead the...

Macedonia 14.07.21 | 15:52

Daily corona report: 18 newly diagnosed cases, Tetovo and Skopje have the most active cases  

There are 18 new Covid-19 cases diagnosed over the past day, the Healthcare Ministry informed. The cases were found after a total of 2.798 tests. There were no deaths reported. The number of active cases increased slightly, to 207. Of them, Skopje and Tetovo have 74 and 70 cases, respectively. Given...

Macedonia 14.07.21 | 10:45

Patients from the Tetovo cluster are refusing to cooperate in identifying other potential cases

While overall the coronavirus infection rate is currently very low in Macedonia, the number of cases reported by the Healthcare Ministry each day, and the number of total active cases, have been growing lately to about two dozen/200. This increase is largely driven by a small outbreak in Tetovo, which...

Macedonia 13.07.21 | 14:02

Corona report: Increase in the number of newly diagnosed cases

The Healthcare Ministry reported 21 newly diagnosed cases of coronavirus infection, which, while low compared to the fall and especially spring waves, is an increase for this relatively calm period. The cases were found after 3,227 total tests. There were no deaths reported, and the number of active...

Macedonia 13.07.21 | 11:01

Daily vaccination report: 9,335 total doses issued, 6,413 of them were booster shots

A total of 9,335 citizens were vaccinated yesterday – of them, 6,413 received the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Starting yesterday, the Healthcare Ministry began allowing vaccination without prior registration and introduced mobile vaccination teams that will travel through remote villages.  

Macedonia 12.07.21 | 14:19

Corona report: Five new cases diagnosed from 1,749 tests

Corona report: 5 new cases, no deaths reported The Healthcare Ministry informed that five new cases of coronavirus infection were diagnosed out of the 1,749 tests conducted over the past day. No new deaths were reported. The number of active cases across the country holds steady at 183.  

News 12.07.21 | 12:59

Minister Filipce says there is no need for new corona restrictions

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce said that there is no need to introduce new restrictions after the spread of new strains of the coronavirus in Macedonia. This comes after the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party called for testing at the border. The situation is really calm. We are focusing on vaccination as...

Macedonia 12.07.21 | 11:16

Vaccination teams begin visits to remote villages

Teams from the Healthcare Ministry began vaccinating citizens in smaller, remote villages across the country today. This is part of the new push by the Ministry to vaccinate citizens who would otherwise likely be left out from the public healthcare system. Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce said that...

Macedonia 12.07.21 | 09:51

Citizens are now able to get vaccinated with no appointments

Starting today, Macedonian citizens will be able to get vaccinated against the coronavirus with no appointments. This is due to the delivery of half a million doses of Sinovac vaccines, but also to the fact that these are not especially desirable among the population and many of those who already registered...

Macedonia 11.07.21 | 14:43

Corona report: 14 new cases identified from 2,876 tests

The Healthcare Ministry reported that 14 new coronavirus cases were found, out of 2,876 tests conducted during the past day.  There were no deaths reported. As in the past few days, most of the new cases were in Tetovo (8).

Macedonia 10.07.21 | 15:01

Corona report: 13 new cases, no deaths

The Healthcare Ministry informed that 13 new cases of coronavirus infection were registered. There were no deaths from Covid-19 over the past day. A total of 3,404 tests were conducted in 24 hours – most of them for people eager to travel to Greece or other countries that require a negative test....

Macedonia 07.07.21 | 17:01

Number of Delta strain cases in Macedonia rises to ten

The number of citizens infected with the Delta variant of the coronavirus has reached ten, the Macedonian Healthcare Ministry informed. At least one of them is in critical condition. Authorities are still considering whether this new strain requires re-introduction of restrictions, even as the pandemic...

Macedonia 06.07.21 | 18:29

One delta strain patient is in serious condition, none of the infected were vaccinated

One coronavirus patient who has been diagnosed with the delta strain is in a very difficult condition, the Healthcare Ministry informed. The patient did not seek medical help in time and was not vaccinated. Several other patients are diagnosed with this new strain, and again, none of them were vaccinated....

Macedonia 06.07.21 | 16:51

Doctor Panovski: Macedonia needs to introduce reciprocal border checks against countries like Greece and Bulgaria

It makes no sense that Macedonia allows visitors from countries like Greece and Bulgaria, who have far higher infection rates than Macedonia and have the delta variant of the coronavirus, says microbiologist Nikola Panovski. Both these countries require proof of vaccination or PCR tests from Macedonian...

Macedonia 02.07.21 | 13:19

Healthcare Ministry issued 14,600 vaccines yesterday

A little over 14,600 vaccines were issued yesterday, most of them (12.294) to first time recipients, the Healthcare Ministry informed. The vaccination process is picking up speed again, with the arrival of Chinese produced Sinovac vaccines, after several weeks of serious shortages. The Ministry informs...

Macedonia 02.07.21 | 09:19

Croatia donates 10,000 doses of Astra Zeneca to Macedonia, Denmark also announces a large shipment

Croatia delivers a donation of 10,000 Astra Zeneca vaccines to Macedonia today. This should provide some diversity in the offer in Macedonia, which is now dominated by the Chinese Sinovac vaccines. The vaccination rate picked up again this week after several weeks of serious vaccine shortages. But the...

Macedonia 01.07.21 | 15:13

Daily corona report: 1 death, 5 new cases, 14,500 vaccines issued

A 76 year old patient from Vinica died of coronavirus infection. It is the only death recorded in the past 24 hours. The Healthcare Ministry also informed that 5 new cases were detected – out of 2,531 tests. The vaccination rate has picked up again, with the arrival of Sinovac vaccines. A little...

Macedonia 23.06.21 | 20:36

Daily corona report: 1 death, 5 new cases

A 39 year old patient from Kicevo died from Covid-19 in the past day, the Healthcare Ministry informed. The daily report also notes five newly diagnosed cases. The number of active cases is now estimated at 250 and the epidemic is largely out of the public focus, except for the worries that the low level...