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Macedonia 12.06.19 | 11:01

Warden who allowed political prisoners to be beaten up replaced with the brother of a suspected drug runner

Zaev’s Government took months to dismiss Gjoko Kotevski, the warden of the Shutka prison where political prisoners were attacked with impunity. On Kotevski’s watch, the Albanian terrorist group which perpetrated the 2015 attack on Kumanovo, beat up two former Ministers – Mile Janakieski...

Macedonia 09.05.19 | 13:12

Despite promises from Zaev, the Shutka prison warden still hasn’t been dismissed

Gjoko Kotevski, director of the Shutka prison near Skopje, still hasn’t been dismissed despite a promise from Zoran Zaev that he will be removed as soon as the presidential elections are over. Kotevski was supposed to be removed because he allowed the group of Albanian terrorists from the 2015...

Macedonia 26.02.19 | 17:35

The warden of the terrorist run Skopje prison will remain in his post for at least two more months

Gjoko Kotevski, the Skopje prison warden who was told to resign after the savage beating of high ranking opposition officials Mile Janakieski and Spiro Ristovski last week, will remain in his post until after the presidential elections, the Zoran Zaev Government informed today. According to the Government’s...

Macedonia 23.02.19 | 15:06

Prison director called out over attacks on political prisoners also had his wife hired in a public sector job

The developing stories of political persecution and rising nepotism in Macedonia intersect over Gjoko Kotevski, the director of the Shutka prison in Skopje. Kotevski is accused of putting the two former VMRO-DPMNE Goverment ministers Mile Janakieski and Spiro Ristovski in harm’s way, after they...

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