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Macedonia 07.11.21 | 09:29

Three DUI lawmakers are joining the new parliamentary majority

Three DUI lawmakers will leave the party and join the new parliamentary majority. The news was published by “In7”, where they say that the names of these three MPs are known, but that they will not publish them in order to keep the anonymity of the source. According to their information,...

Macedonia 05.11.21 | 18:03

Parliament verifies mandates of six new lawmakers

The Parliament unanimously verified Friday the mandates of the new lawmakers after six MPs were elected mayors at last week’s local elections. 83 MPs voted in favor, there were no objections and abstentions. Toni Jarevski replaces Timco Mucunski from VMRO-DPMNE, who has been elected new Mayor of the...

Macedonia 06.12.19 | 18:15

Lawmakers unanimously say NO to Janeva’s request for severance payment

The Parliamentary Committee on Election and Appointment Issues today rejected former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva’s request for severance payment. The Commission’s decision was taken unanimously. Lawmakers also debated what they called “Janeva’s audacity in seeking such payment...

Balkans 16.01.19 | 15:40

Posters with lawmakers’ names and photos appeared in Greece, with message saying “It’s you who will betray our Macedonia”

As Greek P.M. Alexis Tsipras seeks to extend his mandate through a confidence vote in parliament, some government lawmakers have been targeted for their stance on the Prespa agreement through a campaign of “naming and shaming”, Greek Reporter reports. Posters with lawmakers’ names and photos appeared...

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