Albania’s Prime Minister, Edi Rama, has responded to the Central Bank of Kosovo’s decision to eliminate the Serbian dinar currency from circulation, as reported by Albanian media. He urged Kosovo to collaborate with its allies, who have called for the suspension of this action, citing concerns that it could escalate tensions in Kosovo.

Rama emphasized that, following the incident in Banjska, Kosovo holds a crucial responsibility to uphold its stability. On February 1, the Central Bank of Kosovo implemented the ban on the use of the Serbian dinar for transactions involving the Serbian community in Kosovo. Additionally, in recent weeks, Kosovo authorities have closed four parallel Serbian municipalities—Dragash, Pec, Istog, and Klina—declaring that the “only institution of Serbia in the Republic of Kosovo will be its embassy in Pristina.” Rama’s call for coordination with allies reflects the shared belief that careful consideration should be given to the potential repercussions of such measures on the stability of Kosovo.