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Balkans 05.02.24 | 20:54

Regarding Pristina’s decision to withdraw the dinar, Rama says Kosovo ought to work with its allies

Albania’s Prime Minister, Edi Rama, has responded to the Central Bank of Kosovo’s decision to eliminate the Serbian dinar currency from circulation, as reported by Albanian media. He urged Kosovo to collaborate with its allies, who have called for the suspension of this action, citing concerns...

Macedonia 30.06.23 | 09:19

Kovachev: Albania can start the EU negotiations without Macedonia

Albania didn’t pass through the same process as the former Yugoslav countries, and we have exceptionally  good relations with it on all levels. Albania has no obstacles to start the EU negotiations immediately after the completion of the screening process, said the Bulgarian MEP Andrej Kovachev...

Balkans 19.03.23 | 12:18

Rama on Kurti-Vucic meeting in Ohrid: Let’s hope that the agreement is not another Balkan trickery

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama expressed the hope that it will not be “another Balkan trickery” in connection with the harmonization of the Annex agreement for the normalization of mutual relations between Serbia and Kosovo in Ohrid, with the mediation of the EU.

Macedonia 11.01.23 | 09:13

Taravari acknowledged that constitutional changes in Macedonia were discussed at meeting with Rama in Tirana

Rama posted on Facebook late last night about the meeting of the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama with the leaders of the political parties of the Albanians in Macedonia. He also posted a photo of the informal dinner at the government villa in Tirana. The meeting was attended by Ali Ahmeti from DUI,...

Macedonia 10.01.23 | 10:49

Will the meeting with Rama save the political careers and businesses of Kovacevski and Ahmeti?

The meeting in Tirana is to save the political careers of Kovacevski and Ahmeti, supported by Apasiev who plays a false patriot. Kovacevski has nothing against the meeting in Tirana, even though Macedonian issues are discussed outside the country. It is so because he sees it as a preserver of his political...

Macedonia 14.11.22 | 16:40

Kovacevski admits in front of Edi Rama that he does not have a majority to change the Constitution

The constitutional amendments are precisely for the continuation of the European path of the state. Now it depends solely on us. Now it depends on those 120 MPs in the Parliament. And if you ask me if there are enough MPs in the Parliament, there are 120 MPs in the Parliament, not 80, not 90, not 100,...

Basketball 14.11.22 | 16:01

Kovacevski gave Edi Rama a jersey from the Macedonian national basketball team with his name written on it

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski gave his Albanian counterpart a jersey from the national basketball team with the name Rama written on it. The prime minister of Albania is a big fan of basketball and has trained in the past. Besides a jersey, Rama also received a ball with Kovacevski’s signature.

Macedonia 14.11.22 | 13:39

Kovacevski – Rama: Macedonia and Albania have a common goal – EU membership by 2030

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski held a meeting with his Albanian counterpart Edi Rama immediately before the intergovernmental conference of the governments of Macedonia and Albania, where both emphasized the importance of further promoting bilateral cooperation, which is still at a high level. As...

Macedonia 14.11.22 | 12:43

Rama: We should not wait for the end of the war to work on the future

There is no other path in facing challenges and difficulties in the region – from climate change to conventional warfare – than cooperation, creation of new synergies and adapting in a situation where we are very small but have a lot to do for each other, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama told a joint...

Balkans 16.07.22 | 19:26

Rama: No more obstacles on Albania’s road to EU

There are no more obstacles to the accession negotiations of Albania with the EU, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said Saturday after the Macedonian Parliament approved the French proposal. It took 3 hard years from the European Council’s decision to open the way for negotiations to completely...

Balkans 26.06.22 | 18:45

Rama: EU needs the Balkans as much as Balkans need EU

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said during a visit to Austria that the EU needs the Balkans as much as the Balkans need the EU. This is a perfect place for discussion, some of the stairs go up and some go down, we are in the middle. Some understand it well, some others need encouragement to understand...

Macedonia 23.06.22 | 20:44

Rama: Bulgaria gains support to destabilize Macedonia, and that leads to discord

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama expressed disappointment from the European Union’s attitude towards the European integration of the region after the end of the EU-Western Balkans Summit in Brussels on Thursday, saying Bulgaria is not the only problem but the fact that the EU is tired of enlargement,...

Balkans 23.06.22 | 11:12

Rama: It is shameful that Bulgaria kidnaps two NATO member states

It is shameful that one NATO member state – Bulgaria, kidnaps two other NATO member states – Albania and Macedonia during a fierce war in the backyard of Europe, said  Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama ahead of the start of the EU – Western Balkans Summit. He stressed that Albania does...

Macedonia 22.06.22 | 17:28

Kovacevski, Rama, Vucic to attend Brussels EU-Western Balkans leaders meeting

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski, his Albanian counterpart Edi Rama and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic will take part in the high level meeting between EU and Western Balkans leaders in Brussels on June 23 ahead of the June 23-24 European Council. Albanian Prime Minister Rama wrote on Twitter that...

Macedonia 21.06.22 | 12:35

Kovacevski, Vucic and Rama hold extraordinary meeting: Final decision on their participation in the EU-Western Balkans Summit in Brussels to made tomorrow

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski informed that an extraordinary meeting of the Open Balkans was held today, ahead of the EU-Western Balkans summit. Together with my colleagues Aleksandar Vucic and Edi Rama, we talked about the national positions of each of the countries, the regional perspectives as...

Balkans 15.06.22 | 14:05

Rama: Albania and Macedonia will not formally open accession talks

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said he did not expect the EU summit next week to pave the way for his country to start EU accession talks, blaming Bulgaria, Politico reported today, according to Albanian media. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited Bulgaria last week in an effort to overcome Sofia’s...

Macedonia 12.06.22 | 21:37

Rama says he mocked the ugly blockade of Macedonia by Bulgaria

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama explained on his Twitter account today that at the Thessaloniki Summit, organized by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, during the handshake with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, he mocked Bulgaria’s blockade of Macedonia and said that the negative reactions...

Macedonia 11.06.22 | 22:02

Young Albanian: Rama to be declared persona non grata or Tace to resign so that he does not humiliate us anymore

The Bulgarians liked the “joke” of Edi Rama, but the loyal citizens of Macedonia regardless of ethnicity did not like it at all. A young lawyer from Skopje of Albanian nationality reacts to the scandal made by Edi Rama and Dimitar Kovacevski in Thessaloniki. One who humiliated us, the other...

Macedonia 22.04.22 | 10:34

Dimitrov meets Rama: Productive working meeting on worrying situation with EU enlargement

Macedonia’s former Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov met with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama. It is with special honor today in Tirana to meet with Prime Minister Edi Rama – a productive working meeting on the worrying situation with EU enlargement in the region and the need for a major...

Macedonia 12.04.22 | 17:04

Pendarovski: I do not see anything disputable in Rama’s statement if the blockade from Bulgaria continues

I do not see anything disputable in Edi Rama’s statement on decoupling Albania from North Macedonia on the road to the EU. It is logical if we continue to be blocked by Bulgaria that other candidate countries will not want to link their path to the EU with anyone else, including us. If the EU wants...