As Greek P.M. Alexis Tsipras seeks to extend his mandate through a confidence vote in parliament, some government lawmakers have been targeted for their stance on the Prespa agreement through a campaign of “naming and shaming”, Greek Reporter reports.

Posters with lawmakers’ names and photos appeared in several Greek towns, including Katerini, Poligyros and Ierissos, with an added message saying, “It’s you who will betray our Macedonia.”

It is not clear which organization is behind the campaign. There clearly is anger In Macedonia at government M.P.’s who support the Prespa agreement. They are being accused of selling out Greek culture and history.

The Prespa agreement will come up for ratification by the Greek parliament later this month.

At this point, the government is believed to have secured the 151 votes required to endorse the deal, despite its junior partner, the nationalist ANEL party, pulling out of the coalition on Sunday.