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Macedonia 10.02.24 | 20:12

Greece issues note informing other countries that Macedonian passports without the adjective “North” are invalid

Greek media are reporting that their Foreign Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis has notified other countries and international organizations that they should not allow Macedonian citizens to enter their territory with passports that don’t have the imposed name “North Macedonia”. Greece insists...

World 28.01.24 | 13:03

Greece will receive fighter jets after the US gives its approval

The US government is set to approve the sale of up to 40 cutting-edge F-35 stealth fighter jets to Greece, as revealed in a letter from US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, published by his office on Saturday. In a preceding announcement, Washington had also disclosed...

World 08.01.24 | 19:03

Amidst a surge in COVID-19 cases, schools in Greece receive guidelines to minimize transmission

After the winter holiday break, students in Greece returned to school on Monday amid a surge in SARS-CoV-2 cases, with guidance from the National Public Health Organization to curb the virus’s spread, as reported by MIA’s Athens correspondent. Given the escalating cases of COVID-19, flu,...

Balkans 11.11.23 | 20:28

Greece blocks important step on Albania’s EU path

Greece moved to obstruct Albania’s opening of EU accession talks, over Albania’s arrest of an ethnic Greek politician. Fredi Beleris is the Mayor of the Albanian southern city of Himara, which is majority Greek, and is facing a corruption charge which prevents him to assume the office. In...

Macedonia 22.10.23 | 22:32

VMRO: Macedonia is losing its energy independence in favor of Greece

VMRO-DPMNE accused today the ruling DUI and SDSM parties of trying to sell the large publicly owned MEPSO energy company to a Greek company. MEPSO is in charge of the electric powerlines. According to Greek sources, the Greek state energy company is about to conclude a deal to purchase MEPSO. VMRO notes...

Macedonia 01.10.23 | 22:09

Huge lines on the main border crossings with Greece and Serbia

Huge traffic jams have returned on the Gevgelija and Kumanovo border crossings with Greece and Serbia. The warm weather extended the holiday season in Greece, and tourists from the region again caused major congestions on these two crossings. Some people have complained about waiting for more than two...

Macedonia 13.09.23 | 20:40

Zaev urges Greece to implement some of its obligations under the Prespa Treaty

Former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev urged Greece to begin implementing its few obligations under the Prespa Treaty – Greece has blocked ratification of treaties for cooperation, is not working to open a border crossing near Prespa, and has not even changed its road signs to use the imposed name “North...

Balkans 05.09.23 | 19:21

Greece hit by a major storm

Central Greece is hit by a major storm that caused flooding. The area of Volos is worst hit. Social media users from this country and tourists have shared videos of cars being swept off to sea and flooded homes and stores. This area was also badly hit by forest fires in July.    

Balkans 22.08.23 | 20:21

18 migrants found dead after a forest fire in Greece

Greek firefighters found 18 burnt bodies in a village in the Marica-Evros region, close to the Turkish border. The dead were found in two groups, prompting rescuers to conclude that they were likely illegal migrants who crossed into the country. Greece has been affected by major forest fires for weeks,...

Macedonia 22.08.23 | 19:35

Kovacevski promises great economic results and no new Bulgarian demands during the EU accession process

Speaking with the state owned MIA news agency from Athens, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski repeated his position that the eventual EU membership will be worth all concessions that Macedonia is forced to make – this time toward Bulgaria. If we look at the economic effects of the NATO membership,...

Macedonia 16.08.23 | 11:37

According to the Prespa Agreement, the personal IDs must become “north” after the country starts the EU negotiations

Macedonia is not forced to complete the replacement of all its citizens’ personal identification documents by February next year, because the Prespa Agreement with Greece clearly stipulates that the personal identification documents with the old name “Republic of Macedonia” must be...

Macedonia 12.08.23 | 11:09

Long lines on the border crossings with Serbia and Greece

The weekend again caused long lines on the main border crossings with Serbia and Greece, as tourists from the north are heading to the Greek beaches – or returning as their vacation ends. The line to enter Macedonia from Serbia, at the Tabanovce border crossing, is in the kilometers. To enter Greece,...

Football 09.08.23 | 12:47

The Croatian hooligans deliberately avoided Macedonia, since they knew that the Macedonian police will alarm their Greek colleagues

The Greek police barely managed to control the chaos in Athens created by the Croatian soccer fans on Wednesday, when a 29-year-old Greek soccer fan, Mihalis Katsuris, was stabbed to death. They arrested 96 hooligans – 87 Croatian citizens, five Greeks, one Austrian and one German citizen, and...

Balkans 08.08.23 | 18:24

Almost 100 people arrested after the deadly fight during the AEK – Dinamo match in Athens

Greek authorities have arrested dozens of Croatian football fans, as well as other participants in the massive fight that erupted during the match between AEK and Dinamo Zagreb, which left one Greek fan dead. In total, almost a 100 people have been arrested, and top Greek police officials in charge of...

Sport 29.07.23 | 18:10

Hungary beats Greece to claim the world waterpolo title

Hungary beat Greece to reclaim the title of world waterpolo champion. The game ended 10-10 in the regular time, after Hungary held the lead throughout, but allowed Greece to even out the score at the end. The Hungarians were better in the penalty shoot-out, winning 4:3, for their fourth world title.

Macedonia 25.07.23 | 08:30

Three Macedonian nationals are safe on Rhodes

Regarding the fires that have engulfed Greece, we would like to inform you that as of Monday, three nationals of the Republic of Macedonia have contacted our Embassy in Athens. The individuals are in a safe place on the Greek island of Rhodes, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a press release. The...

Macedonia 15.07.23 | 12:45

A Macedonian citizen – casino owner – murdered in Halkidiki, Greece

The 39-year old Macedonian citizen Orhan Bajrami, who owned a casino and other controversial businesses in Macedonia, was shot on Friday in Halkidiki, Greece, with over 20 bullets. Bajrami died at the spot, while his friend, 45-year old Sead Slezovikj is seriously harmed. According to witnesses, masked...

Macedonia 09.07.23 | 09:20

Long lines on the main border crossing with Greece

Motorists are waiting an hour to enter Greece through the main border crossing near Gevgelija. Macedonians and people from all over the region as well as many Germans, Czechs and others, are headed to the Greek beaches and the weekend is usually the busiest time of the week. Many are spending the night...

Balkans 03.06.23 | 14:34

Cocaine seized in Greece was trafficked by a gang with ties in Macedonia

Over 160 kilograms of cocaine were seized in Greece, after a police operation coordinated with the United States and Macedonia. A total of 14 people were arrested in Macedonia and Greece, all allegedly linked to the drug transport. The raid is part of a broader operation that began in May, when 104 kilograms...

Macedonia 02.06.23 | 18:00

Cocaine worth 10 million euros captured in joint operation between the police forces of Macedonia and Greece, assisted by the US DEA

In coordination with the US drug agency DEA, the Macedonian and the Greek police captured around 160 kilograms of high quality cocaine in Greece. The value of the captured drug is assessed on €10 million. The operation broke up a large criminal group, which was monitored for a long period, and number...