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Macedonia 24.02.20 | 13:33

Speech by former President Ivanov in Melbourne interrupted by a fire alarm

A fire alarm went off during a speech by former President Gjorge Ivanov in Melbourne, which prompted an evacuation. Ivanov is on a tour of Australia, meeting with Macedonian expat organizations there. A video of the event shows him giving his speech as the alarm goes off, and then the aftermath of the...

Macedonia 04.01.20 | 19:53

Young couple of Albanians from Struga killed in Melbourne, the wife’s father is the main suspect

A young couple of ethnic Albanians who originate from Struga in Macedonia were found killed in Melbourne, Australia. Veton Musai (29) and his wife Lindita (25) were found badly injured with gunshot wounds. Lindita’s father was also found injured, and the police suspects him of killing his daughter...

Macedonia 08.09.19 | 11:03

Expats in Melbourne set Greek and Bulgarian flags and photos of Zoran Zaev and Radmila Sekerinska on fire

About 50 Macedonians living and working in Australia outside the Macedonian Consulate in Melbourne set the Greek and Bulgarian flags and photos of Zoran Zaev and Radmila Sekerinska on fire. They chanted slogans and carried only flags with the Kutlesh star. Some of the protesters also wore face masks. United,...

Life 29.01.19 | 09:35

New scandal in a Macedonian church in Springvale, Melbourne

Macedonians living and working in Melbourne, Australia had a fight in the church “St. Dimitrie “in Springvale. The reason is not clear, the Falanga news portal reported. Watch the video: This is the third conflict between the faithful and the clergy under the leadership of Metropolitan Petar.

Life 25.01.19 | 11:41

Heat wave brings blackouts to Melbourne, halts play at Australian Open

Scorching temperatures suspended play at the Australian Open tennis grand slam in Melbourne on Friday, expected to be the hottest day in a decade, as a week-old heat wave brought power outages and left streets bare in the business district, Reuters reports. Firefighters went on alert as the mercury crept...