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Macedonia 26.11.19 | 17:06

One injured after a stabbing in the Idrizovo prison

A prisoner kept in the Idrizovo prison was injured in a stabbing yesterday, the Interior Ministry reported. The injured man is identified under the initials of B.R. (42) and is from the village of Studenicani near Skopje. He was stabbed after an argument with a 35 year old prisoner in one of the cells....

Macedonia 12.09.19 | 17:06

Boy (16) in critical condition after stabbing in downtown Skopje

A 16 year old boy is in critical condition after being stabbed in a bus in downtown Skopje. The incident happened on Wednesday around noon, and it involved two groups of minors who got into a fight. Two other boys were also injured.

Macedonia 15.06.19 | 10:32

Woman stabbed to death after a fight in Skopje’s Shuto Orizari

A fight between two cousins in Skopje’s Shuto Orizari district ended fatally for the wife of one of them. The argument broke out on Friday late evening and at one point one of the men left the scene and returned with a knife. The 31 year old wife of one of the cousins tried to separate them, but...

Macedonia 24.03.19 | 16:31

Father from Skopje claims a police official is trying to cover up the knife attack on his son

A father from Skopje claims that the police is attempting to cover up a knife attack on his son because the attacker is the son of a senior police official. Filip Filipovski was stabbed in a discotheque in the village of Marino last Saturday, and is still in critical condition. His father Kiril claims...

Macedonia 07.03.19 | 19:58

Gostivar man stabbed, injured by his father

A 31 year old man from Gostivar was admitted in the city hospital with stab wounds, which were inflicted by his 60 year old father. The father was detained following the attack and is facing charges. The police is still determining the cause of the attempted murder.