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Macedonia 02.11.21 | 13:29

Teacher attacked in Kavadarci

A female elementary school teacher was attacked in her classroom in Kavadarci yesterday. The attack happened at 9 in the morning. The 54 year old teacher was attacked by a 53 year old man. Local police still hasn’t informed the public about the motive of the attack.

Macedonia 17.09.21 | 23:04

Rural school teacher says she was forced to work for the SDSM party, and was eventually fired for political reasons

Biljana Dimitrova, an elementary school teacher from the rural municipality of Karbinci, spoke with Alfa TV about how she was pressured to become an activist for the ruling SDSM party and threatened with the loss of her job. After she eventually complied, the Mayor still got her fired and hired an SDSM...

Macedonia 19.12.20 | 19:45

High school teacher from Krusevo accused of trying to rape a minor

A woman from Krusevo reported that a high school teacher tried to sexually assault her minor daughter. Local police detained the teacher, identified only as D.K. (54), and he is being kept in the Prilep police station, while prosecutors prepare charges.

Macedonia 31.01.20 | 12:06

Elementary school teacher from Gostivar (54) arrested after assaulting a pupil

An elementary school teacher from Gostivar was arrested for assaulting an underage female student. The incident happened on Wednesday, when the 54 year old teacher locked the girl in a room, where he groped and kissed her. He was ordered into a month long detention while the case against him is prepared.

Macedonia 05.09.19 | 19:04

Negotino teacher had a student compete for a prize instead of her son

A high school teacher from Negotino was charged with abuse of office after she had a student take part in a competition pretending to be her son. Negotino police informed today that the 47 year old teacher had the pupil participate in a national STEM competition held in Bitola. The student won the third...