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Macedonia 22.09.21 | 11:01

Pendarovski met with former US Ambassador Baily

During his stay in New York, for the UN General Assembly, President Stevo Pendarovski met with former US Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily. The heavy-handed diplomat was a constant presence on the Macedonian political scene during the Colored Revolution, the installation of Zoran Zaev into power and...

Macedonia 06.05.21 | 14:53

US Ambassador Byrnes warns that corruption is the biggest challenge facing Macedonia

US Ambassador in Macedonia Kate Byrnes said that corruption is the biggest challenge the country faces, as it undermines the governance and the economic competitiveness and prospects of young people. Byrnes made the statement during a signing ceremony of a 8.2 million USD grant from USAID with the Government...

Macedonia 18.06.19 | 17:02

New US Ambassador to Macedonia sworn in

American diplomat Kate Byrnes was sworn in as the next US Ambassador to Macedonia, or the first to “North Macedonia”, as the State Department represents her. The former deputy chief of mission to Athens deployed there during the negotiating of the Prespa treaty was sworn in in DC, in the...

Macedonia 01.03.19 | 20:15

Jess Baily announces he is leaving Macedonia

US Ambassador Jess Baily announced today that he is leaving Macedonia, and is soon expected to retire from the State Department. The Embassy pointed out that, as the new Ambassador is still not confirmed, Baily’s deputy Micaela Schweitzer – Bluhm will take over as Charge d’Affaires. Thank...

Macedonia 26.12.18 | 12:19

In unprecedented letter, US Ambassador Baily denies meddling in the Macedonian judiciary

US Ambassador Jess Baily reportedly sent a letter to the Skopje Criminal Court demanding that judges stop using his name when ordering detention against former VMRO-DPMNE officials or when sentencing them to prison. According to the SDK news site, Baily sent the letter to Criminal Court head Ivan Dzolev,...

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