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Macedonia 04.02.22 | 20:51

Bulgaria returned Delcev’s body in 1946, allowed him to rest in the capital of the Macedonian state

The body of Goce Delcev, which was kept in Sofia for decades after his death in 1903, was delivered to Macedonia after the Second World War. Delcev rested in the village of Banica, where he was killed in battle against the Ottoman forces, between 1903 and 1917. The body was then carried to Sofia by his...

Macedonia 07.07.21 | 16:58

Body found in the unfinished building of the Turkish Theater in Skopje

A body was found in an unfinished building in downtown Skopje yesterday afternoon. The incident was reported at 18h, and an autopsy was ordered to determine the cause of death. The building is meant to be the site of the next Turkish language theater, but has been left unfinished for years and is often...

Economy 05.12.20 | 10:15

The Government forms a new body of 23 experts, doesn’t reveal the names of the engaged economists

The formation of a new body in the Government, which consists of 23 experts in the field of economics, stirred reactions among the public. For now, the government says it is not revealing the names of the hired economists. First they would wait for results from them, and only then they would present...

Macedonia 02.12.20 | 10:56

Government orders that Covid-19 victims can’t be exhumed for at least a year

Based on a recommendation from the Infectious Diseases Committee, the Government ordered a ban on exhumation and re-burial of Covid-19 victims for a year after their death. The Government adopted a protocol about the burial of deceased patients, which includes the wrapping, transportation and the type...

Macedonia 22.09.20 | 13:10

Healthcare officials insist they will conduct autopsy on the body that was stolen from the Strumica hospital

Healthcare officials insist that they will conduct an autopsy on the man from Strumica who died with coronavirus symptoms yesterday, but whose body was stolen by a large group of family and friends. Over 20 men carried the deceased patient in the hospital bed he died in and drove off in a van, planning...

Macedonia 01.07.20 | 15:17

Charges and quarantine against the armed man who tried to take his mothers body from a Covid-19 clinic by force

The Interior Ministry said it is proposing charges against the man who tried to forcibly take the body of his mother, who died of Covid-19, from the “8th of September” hospital. The incident in Skopje’s hardest pressed coronavirus clinic shocked the public as the man came armed and...

Macedonia 25.11.19 | 16:55

Search party in Bogdanci uncovers parts of a man’s body

Parts of a human body were found near Bogdanci, where search was on for an ill 61 year old man. The police uncovered portions of the scull, bones and clothes which they believe belonged to the man who had gone missing recently from his home in this rural, southern district. Prosecutors and a forensics...

Macedonia 04.11.19 | 09:56

Body of an elderly woman pulled from the Vardar river in Skopje

The body of a 68 year old woman was recovered from the Vardar river yesteday. The body of the woman, identified by the police to the public only as F.V., was spotted by a passer-by near in the Aerodrom district. After it was pulled out, an autopsy has been ordered to determine the cause of her death.

Macedonia 21.02.19 | 15:50

Body of a man found south of Skopje

The Interior Ministry confirmed today that the body of a man was found near the village of Nerezi, south of Skopje. An autopsy is being performed to determine the cause of death. Some media outlets reported that the body may be Goran Atanasovski, a 35 year old man who was reported missing.