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Macedonia 20.01.24 | 17:35

Migrant trafficker caused a fatal car crash near Gevgelija

A man from the village of Bogorodica near Gevgelija has died in a large car crash caused by a migrant trafficker. A total of four vehicles were involved in the crash. The trafficker from Makedonska Kamenica hit the Opel Corsa driven by a local man and two other local vehicles, killing the Corsa driver,...

Macedonia 22.04.23 | 10:33

Skopje: Four people injured when a car crashed into an ambulance

A bizarre car crash happened yesterday evening in downtown Skopje, near the EU embassy. An emergency vehicle transporting an elderly patient from Kumanovo for urgently needed treatment in Skopje was hit by a driver in the intersection that leads toward the main Skopje clinic. Four people in total were...

World 22.03.22 | 10:58

China: No survivors in the plane crash near Guangzhou

No survivors were found in the crash site of the China Eastern Airlines plane that crashed yesterday with 132 people on board. The plane was en route from Kunming to Guangzhou, when it fell as it was approaching its destination. It is reported that it suddenly began to lose height and plummeted to the...

Macedonia 01.12.21 | 15:24

Last survivor of the Besa bus crash discharged from hospital, bodies will be returned on Friday

Bulgarian doctors discharged the last, seventh survivor of the Besa bus crash who was still treated in Sofia. All seven passengers have been returned to Macedonia and Serbia, where they continue to undergo treatment. 45 passengers and drivers died in the disaster last Tuesday morning on the Sofia –...

Macedonia 06.09.21 | 13:45

Census interrupted after the electronic system crashed

The census process that began yesterday, hit its first serious obstacle today. The electronic system used by the canvassers crashed today and work had to be temporarily suspended. Canvassers have devices that allow them the compare key data given by citizens with the data already available to the Interior...

Macedonia 29.09.20 | 11:28

Crash leaves 17 army soldiers slightly injured

Seventeen army servicemen were injured early Tuesday when a bus and a van collided on the Stip-Radovis road in eastern Macedonia. The spokesperson of the Stip hospital, Marina Sumanska confirmed that 17 people with light injuries have been hospitalized in the hospital and that the medical examinations...

Macedonia 01.03.20 | 10:57

Two girls hit by a car while standing at a bus stop in Skopje

Two girls were injured on Saturday evening when a two vehicles collided in the Gjorce Petrov district and one of them slammed into a bus stop where the girls were standing. The girls are reported to be in a good condition and should be discharged from hospital today. They are reportedly handball players...

Macedonia 01.03.20 | 10:50

Kicevo – Gostivar motorway closed due to an accident

All traffic along the Kicevo – Gostivar motorway is stopped this morning following a car crash just north of Kicevo. Motorists are advised to take this into account when planning their trips to Ohrid or Skopje.

Macedonia 13.06.19 | 09:58

Two men killed in head-on collision in Dracevo

Two men were killed in a horrific car crash that happened yesterday evening on the Boris Trajkovski boulevard in the industrial zone east of Skopje. Two vehicles collided head on around 22h. One of the victims is a 48 year old man from the village of Batinci, while the other is 21 year old from Dracevo....

Macedonia 12.06.19 | 13:45

Young couple from Skopje killed in a car crash in Italy, their baby survived

A young Macedonia born couple living in France has died in a car crash in Italy, leaving their six month old baby orphaned. Ebubekir Sulejmani and Egzona Maksuti, both in their mid 20-ies, were killed in a late night crash on the Piacenza – Turin highway when they hit a truck parked at a rest-stop....

Macedonia 15.05.19 | 11:30

Little girl killed in a car accident in Skopje

A two year old girl has died in Skopje after being hit by a car yesterday. A 35 year old man was operating the vehicle in the central Aerodrom district of the city when he hit the little girl. The driver took the girl to hospital where it was treated, but died within an hour.

Macedonia 15.05.19 | 10:11

Five killed in a crash near Skopje

A horrific car crash cost the lives of five people in Skopje yesterday evening. A 43 year old former policeman crashed into a dump truck near Dracevo. He and four family members and friends, including reportedly a little girl, were killed. The truck driver sustained injuries and is hospitalized.

Macedonia 25.04.19 | 21:51

Dutch motorcycle driver killed in a crash near Bitola

A 58 year old Dutch citizen was killed in a horrific accident near Bitola this afternoon. The Dutch man was driving with a motorcycle group when he hit an Alfa Romeo car. Medical teams resuscitated the man, but he later succumbed to his injures in the Bitola hospital. Photographs from the site of the...

Macedonia 25.02.19 | 12:13

Two bus passengers remain in critical condition

Two passengers injured in the horrific bus crash on the Skopje – Tetovo highway remain in critical condition, hospital sources say. Fifteen people were killed in the crash on February 13th, when a bus carrying employees, students and passengers from the capital Skopje to Gostivar slid off the highway...

Macedonia 15.02.19 | 13:38

Four patients remain critical, doctors fighting to save a young woman’s leg

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce informed on Friday that four patients who survived the Karpalak bus crash on Wednesday remain in critical condition. Two of them have serious head injuries and are breathing through respirators. Two more turned to the worse overnight due to internal injuries, and were...

Macedonia 14.02.19 | 23:40

Students, parents, grandparents – 14 lives cut short by tragedy

All through the day families in Gostivar were saying goodbye to their loved ones, who died in the bus crash on the Skopje – Tetovo highway. The loss of young men full of potential, parents and grandparents brought grief across the country. One of them, Onur Sadiku, was set to celebrate his 20th...

Macedonia 14.02.19 | 16:46

Passenger says the bus driver lost control of the wheel

One of the passengers in the ill fated bus which crashed on the Skopje – Tetovo highway yesterday afternoon told the press that the driver had seemingly lost control over the wheel at the moment of the crash.  We took off around 16:30 and I was sitting on the third right side row. At one point...

World 30.01.19 | 11:46

Three dead in rescue helicopter crash in Ohio

The three men crew of a medical rescue helicopter died in a crash in Southeast Ohio on Tuesday. Authorities have identified the victims as 34-year-old pilot Jennifer Topper, of Sunbury, and flight nurses Bradley Hayes, 48, of London, and Rachel Cunningham, 33, of Galloway. The three killed were employees...

World 28.01.19 | 10:50

7 killed after tourist plane, helicopter crash above glacier in Italy

Mountain rescuer workers on Saturday recovered the bodies of two people, raising the death toll from a deadly collision between a helicopter and light aircraft in the Alps to seven. Two people were hospitalised after the crash in the Aosta Valley near France, which appeared to have happened just after...