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Macedonia 08.04.20 | 11:58

Nimetz publishes an account of the name change of Macedonia, says Greece would not give up on the “erga omnes” principle

Nationalities Papers, issued by Cambridge University Press, has published a paper from UN mediator Matthew Nimetz on the Macedonian name issue. In it, Nimetz writes that five names were considered in the run up to what became the Prespa treaty, when Macedonia was pressured to adopt the name “North...

Macedonia 23.05.19 | 15:43

Nimetz says Greek obsession with Macedonia was driven by fears for its century old northern gains

In a lengthy interview with Deutsche Welle, long time UN mediator in the Macedonian name issue Matthew Nimetz reveals that the reason for Greek obsession with Macedonia is the ethnically diverse composition of the part of Macedonia Greece occupied a century ago. Nimetz acknowledges that Greece got all...

Macedonia 01.03.19 | 20:39

Nimetz happy with the Prespa treaty, but warns of remaining issues, reveals that the Macedonian nationality issue was not resolved

UN mediator Matthew Nimetz held a briefing for the press in the United Nations, to detail his views on the Macedonian name issue, after what was announced as its “successful completion”. Never the less, Nimetz warned that much additional work will be needed to complete the process, saying...

Macedonia 21.01.19 | 13:50

UN envoy Nimetz calls on Greece to ratify the Macedonia name deal

Macedonia name issue negotiator Matthew Nimetz called on Greece to ratify the deal under which Macedonia would be renamed into North Macedonia. The Macedonian Parliament already ratified the deal, after a number of members of Parliament were threatened with criminal charges, and despite President Ivanov’s...

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