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Balkans 14.01.24 | 10:25

Earthquake in Albania

An earthquake measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale struck Albania around midnight. The quake was felt across south-western Macedonia, in the areas of Ohrid, Struga, Gostivar, and all the way to Skopje. There are no reports of damages or injuries.

Macedonia 08.04.23 | 12:41

Two small quakes registered near Mavrovo

Two earthquakes were registered in Macedonia this morning. The two relatively weak quakes (at around 2 Richter degrees) were centered near lake Mavrovo. One was shallow and the other hit at 7 kilometers deep.

News 13.12.21 | 10:06

Moderately strong earthquake felt in the southern parts of Macedonia

An earthquake that measured 3.1 on the Richter scale was felt in the southern parts of Macedonia. Its epicenter was close to the border with Greece, the Skopje seismological center said. It hit in the early morning hours, at 6:48.

Macedonia 26.07.21 | 11:04

Skopje marks the anniversary of the deadly 1963 earthquake with a blood drive, concerts and guided tours

The city of Skopje marks the 58th annivesary of the devastating 1963 earthquake which changed the city forever. Over a 1,000 people were killed in the early morning quake, and many of the most recognizable landmarks in the millenia old city were destroyed. Over 200,000 people were left homeless in an...

Balkans 29.12.20 | 15:05

Young girl died in the Croatia quake, father and son saved from the rubble

A 12 year old girl has reportedly died in the powerful quake that struck central Croatia today. N1 TV reports that the tragedy occurred in the city of Petrinja, which is the worst hit. The girl’s mother is also in critical condition. In another instance, a father and son were carried out from...

Balkans 23.09.19 | 11:15

Following the large earthquake on Saturday, Albania was hit by more than 340 aftershocks

Albanian seismologists recorded more than 340 after-shocks following the major earthquake which hit the country on Saturday afternoon. More than a hundred people were injured, mostly from the effects of fleeing their homes in panic, as the 5.8 quake struck near the port city of Durres. The quake was...

Macedonia 27.05.19 | 10:35

Quake felt near Berovo and Pehcevo

An earthquake measuring 3 degrees on the Richter scale was registered in eastern Macedonia, near Pehcevo and Berovo. The epicenter was 13 kilometers north-west of Pehcevo. Stations in Skopje, Valandovo, Ohrid and Stip registered the quake and its aftershocks.