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Macedonia 24.06.21 | 13:15

Turkish citizen arrested after shooting another Turkish citizen in downtown Skopje

Two Turkish citizens were involved in the shooting in downtown Skopje yesterday evening. M.E.E. (30) was detained after opening fire on his compatriot S.B.  in a cafe in the Old Bazaar. The attacked man was injured and is under treatment, while M.E.E. is detained and is being charged.

Macedonia 21.12.20 | 16:41

Mickoski congratulates the Turkish community on its holiday

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski congratulated the Turkish community in Macedonia on the day when teaching in Turkish language is celebrated as an official holiday. This holiday is of great importance to all citizens, since the right to study in your own native language is one of the chief values...

Macedonia 06.07.19 | 13:17

Scary landing attempt at the Skopje airport

The Skopje1 news site reports that the pilot of an Istanbul – Skopje flight had five seemingly messy attempts to land yesterday evening, panicking passengers, before eventually giving up. A storm developed over Skopje yesterday and that reduced visibility and created unsafe landing conditions. The...

Macedonia 03.05.19 | 13:37

Turkish, Bosniak, Vlach parties come out in support of Siljanovska

Several ethnic minority parties today called on their supporters to vote for Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova for President on Sunday. A vote for Stevo Pendarovski is a vote for Zoran Zaev and all the crimes and corruption associated with him, along with his erosion of the state and violation of the...