Thursday, 22 February 2024
Macedonia 22.02.24 | 22:24

Ahmeti withdrew from the race and nominates Bujar Osmani instead, but may also try to boycott the presidential elections

The DUI party rounded up the list of presidential candidates today, when it nominated Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani as its candidate. DUI leader Ali Ahmeti was announcing that he will run himself, but faced with the growing popularity of the opposition bloc and the threat that VMRO voters, assured in...

World 22.02.24 | 18:18

The Kremlin responds to Biden’s characterization of Putin as a ‘crazy SOB,’ condemning the comment as ‘boorish’

The Kremlin has accused US President Joe Biden of adopting a “Hollywood cowboy” demeanor after he referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “crazy SOB” during a campaign event. Biden made the comment during a speech in San Francisco focused on climate change as a global...

Macedonia 22.02.24 | 18:03

Siljanovska-Davkova emphasizes the need for substantial reforms in the presidential role and advocates for the inclusion of a female perspective in politics

Professor and MP Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova has officially declared her candidacy for the presidency, nominated by VMRO-DPMNE, following the collection of the required 30 signatures by the party’s lawmakers. The confirmation of Siljanovska-Davkova’s candidacy is expected to take place during...

Economy 22.02.24 | 18:01

Mazut price up, fuels unchanged

Effective from Thursday midnight, the Energy Regulatory Commission announced an upcoming increase in the retail price of Mazut M-1, with a rise of Mden 1.020 per kilogram. Consequently, the new cost per kilogram for Mazut M-1 will be Mden 42.901. However, there are no adjustments to the prices of Eurosuper...

Macedonia 22.02.24 | 11:39

Siljanovska, Pendarovski, Taravari, Jakimovski, Vankovska, currently confirmed candidates for president

On the eve of the commencement of the signature collection period for presidential candidates and deputies, major political parties swiftly unveiled their choices for the presidential race during a one-hour timeframe. The incumbent president, Stevo Pendarovski, secured support for a second term from...

Macedonia 22.02.24 | 09:03

Elections 2024: The SDSM leadership supports Pendarovski for a second term as president

On Wednesday, the leadership of SDSM made a decision to endorse Stevo Pendarovski for a second term as president. According to party sources, the decision to support Pendarovski’s candidacy was reached during a meeting today. This resolution is slated to be presented to the members of the party’s...

Macedonia 22.02.24 | 08:52

ELECTIONS 2024 / Taravari: In the future, the President should be chosen by Parliament

The Alliance for Albanians (AA) has issued a public statement announcing an extraordinary press conference held by party leader Arben Taravari in Tetovo. During the conference, Taravari emphasized two key objectives for the upcoming presidential elections, expressing his belief that the president should...

Macedonia 22.02.24 | 08:46

ELECTIONS 2024: The GROM party will support Stevcho Jakimovski’s presidential bid

Stevcho Jakimovski, the mayor of Karposh and leader of GROM, will seek the presidency with the party’s support. Following the GROM Central Board meeting on Wednesday, Jakimovski made a statement to the media stating that the party’s top leadership has endorsed him for president.