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Macedonia 10.01.22 | 11:02

Albanian President Meta begins a three day visit to Macedonia

Skopje is in for several days of traffic gridlock because of the visit by Albanian President Ilir Meta. Meta will meet with Macedonian state officials to discuss the stalled EU accession prospects and the controversial “Open Balkan” initiative between Macedonia, Albania and Serbia.

Macedonia 15.04.21 | 18:14

Albanian President Meta wants an investigation into the mafia passports scandal in Macedonia

Albanian President Ilir Meta called on the authorities to investigate the mafia passports scandal in Macedonia, after it was revealed that regional mafia bosses were given Macedonian passports. Some of the passports were issued using stolen identities from ethnic Macedonians who live in Albania and also...

Balkans 06.09.20 | 09:16

Albania considers holding a referendum on the Greek expansion into its territorial waters

Albanian President Ilir Meta has raised the issue of holding a referendum after Greece unilaterally decided to expand its territorial waters in the Ionian Sea from six to 12 miles. Meta met with civil society representatives to discuss the issue, and they announced they are calling for a referendum....

Macedonia 31.10.19 | 16:59

Youngest patient diagnosed with depression in Macedonia is only seven

The youngest patient diagnosed with depression in Macedonia was only 7 years old, the META news site reports. The site’s research cited the doctor treating the child, but reveals that there are no accurate data about young people struggling with mental illness and conditions. We don’t reach...

Macedonia 27.10.19 | 18:42

Meta and Pendarovski meet to reject all alternatives that fall short of full EU membership

The presidents of Albania and Macedonia Ilir Meta and Stevo Pendarovski dismissed the possibility of accepting alternatives that would fall short of full EU membership, even as France vetoed to possibility and outspoken supporters of the current regimes in both countries are floating the idea of a “Norway...

Balkans 26.10.19 | 12:00

Despite the snub in Brussels, President Meta seeks to allay fears of Greater Albania

Albanian President Ilir Meta sought to allay fears of an Albanian nationalist project developing after the country had its EU prospects denied by France. Meta said that the Albanians in the region will remain committed to the EU project instead All the Albanians have one project and that is the unification...

Balkans 18.06.19 | 14:38

Albanian President threatens to use the army to stop the Prime Minister from holding municipal elections

Albanian President Ilir Meta threatened to use the army and stop Prime Minister Edi Rama from holding municipal elections on June 30th. Meta declared the elections invalid, but Rama is ignoring his decision and wants to go ahead with the vote, even though the main opposition parties also reject the elections...

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