Tag: Novo Selo
Macedonia 21.10.21 | 16:02

Mickoski campaigned in Novo Selo, trying to extend his first round victory to the rural areas

Our people deserve a chance for happiness and we will carry your hope from the first round of the elections on the road to change, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, after meeting with supporters in Novo Selo, near Strumica. It’s one of the important rural run-off races of the second round,...

Macedonia 01.07.21 | 10:12

Man from Skopje killed after an argument

A 27 year old man from Skopje was stabbed to death in an incident on Tuesday, the police informed. The incident happened in a north-western suburb late in the evening, between the now deceased P.Sh. and a 30 year old man from the village of Mirkovci, near Skopje. The two had an argument which ended with...

Macedonia 19.12.20 | 14:56

Border guards intercept shipment of 100 kilograms of marijuana meant for Bulgaria

A shipment of 100 kilograms of marijuana was intercepted on the Macedonian – Bulgarian border near Strumica. A Bulgarian trucker was trying to transport the drugs into Bulgaria when he was caught by border guards. The 48 year old man is being charged. Macedonia is a growing marijuana source country,...

Macedonia 11.05.19 | 20:53

Administrative Court takes up case that may affect the Novo Selo mayoral race

The Administrative Court met today to discuss the appeal VMRO-DPMNE submitted to the outcome of the vote in a polling station in the municipality of Novo Selo. VMRO demands a revote, following issues with the counting of the votes after the station closed and the one extra ballot found in the box. The...

Macedonia 10.05.19 | 12:14

The sweep will wait until Zaev finishes his ride

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s Office informed Friday morning that he is taking four days off for personal reasons. Zaev took a break between the election and the sweep, which has been waiting for two years, and now it can wait for four more days. Soon after the “important news”, a video...

Macedonia 21.04.19 | 23:07

Mayor of Novo Selo to be elected in the second round

At Sunday’s early elections for mayor of Novo Selo, none of the two candidates, Nikola Andonov from SDSM and Nikolco Stoilkov from VMRO DPMNE, did obtain the required number of votes. Namely, according to data from the headquarters of the two candidates, there is a big number of invalid ballots...

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