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Macedonia 18.07.23 | 15:59

Fight at the public pool in Stip

A fight broke out at the Stip public pool yesterday. Men young and old, but also several women, took part in the fight. A video, posted by a local media outlet, shows children watching in shock as the incident was developing. https://www.facebook.com/100071873975887/videos/1549822839117570/?ref=embed_video&t=1  

Macedonia 08.07.23 | 08:25

Young man from Spain drowned in Bitola

A 22 year old Spanish citizen drowned yesterday afternoon at the Bitola open air pool. Local medical teams were summoned to the pool, but they were only able to determine that the man is deceased.

Macedonia 20.01.22 | 21:49

Skopje’s largest pool closed

Skopje’s largest swimming pool, the Karpos pool, has been closed, ostensibly because of issues with its heating system. Swimming clubs that operate there say that the real reason for the closure is the high cost of central heating and electricity, as Macedonia in the midst of a major energy crisis....

Macedonia 15.10.20 | 16:59

Man drowns in a pool in Vinica

A 28 year old man from Vinica was found drowned in a pool in a house in the center of the city. The man, identified by the police as P.Z., was found yesterday afternoon. Paramedics and firemen rushed to the scene but the doctors could not resuscitate.

Macedonia 19.06.20 | 13:41

Another Potemkin project from SDSM – Pool in Johannesburg presented as the work of the Mayor of Stip

After several embarrassing situations in which Government officials were using pictures stolen from the internet, from Germany, France and other countries, to promote tourism in Macedonia, another similar case was reported in Stip. Beneath the incompetence – corruption: More issues emerge with...

News 27.06.19 | 16:50

Girl drowns in a pool near Skopje, her father is also hospitalized

A five year old girl drowned at a pool in a resort near Skopje this morning, and her father was also admitted in seriously poor health due to the shock he sustained. The incident happened early this morning, when the girl apparently accidentally fell into the pool in the area of Zlokukani. She was sent...