After several embarrassing situations in which Government officials were using pictures stolen from the internet, from Germany, France and other countries, to promote tourism in Macedonia, another similar case was reported in Stip.

SDSM party officials, including the Mayor of Stip Blagoj Bocvarski and the head of the Youth and Sports Agency Darko Kaevski were announcing the construction of an indoor swimming pool in Stip. But while the pool is still no more than a hole in the ground, the officials, pressed by pre-election considerations, used a picture of a finished, modern looking pool to illustrate the announcement.

A simple image search revealed that the pool that was being presented to the voters is actually the pool in a private school in Johannesburg, South Africa. “After their fake pictures from France, Germany, Indonesia, Bali and Thailand, now we have a pool from South Africa. This is the length to which SDSM has gone, they have built nothing themselves, so they steal photographs and pass them off as their own Potemkin infrastructure projects”, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski.