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Macedonia 07.05.19 | 12:50

The Pope visits the region and people who suffered for freedom, says Vatican Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin

The Pope visits the region and people who look to the future with hope, and who have suffered for freedom, and with deep religious roots, said Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State, in an interview with Serbian “Politika”. In his message to the citizens the Pope will mention...

Macedonia 07.05.19 | 12:40

Pope Francis holds Holy Mass in Skopje’s main square

His Holiness Pope Francis held Tuesday Holy Mass in Skopje’s main square which was attended by 15.000 people from the country and abroad. The Pope sent messages of peace, coexistence, greater love for God and towards the people. “The multiplication of your mercy, which can break down our stereotypes...

Macedonia 07.05.19 | 12:18

Pope Francis welcomed with ovations at Macedonia square

“Long live the Pope!” people were shouted in several languages at Macedonia square, where Pope Francis is holding a Holy Mass. The Pope was welcomed with ovations by the thousands of attendants who came to attend the Holy Mass. There are believers from all over the world, Italy, Spain, Croatia,...

Macedonia 07.05.19 | 12:10

Pope Francis prays before Mother Teresa statue

Following the meeting with the authorities, with civil society and with the diplomatic corps in the Presidential Palace, Pope Francis visited the Mother Teresa Memorial. Pope Francis prayed and laid flowers before the statue of Mother Teresa. He then greeted a number of poor people assisted by Mother...

Macedonia 07.05.19 | 12:04

Zaev had a private audience with Pope Francis

Prime Minister of the Government of North Macedonia Zoran Zaev had a private audience with His Holiness Pope Francis as part of the program of the Pope’s Apostolic Visit to Macedonia. PM Zaev and Pope Francis reconfirmed the centuries-long spiritual bonds binding the papal state and our country, established...

Macedonia 07.05.19 | 11:59

Pope Francis: Macedonia bridges East and West

Your land, a bridge between East and West and a meeting-point for numerous cultural currents,” Pope Francis said, “embodies many of the distinctive marks of this region. With the elegant testimonies of its Byzantine and Ottoman past, its lofty mountain fortresses and the splendid iconostases of its...

Macedonia 07.05.19 | 11:21

Ivanov to Pope Francis: You come in a time when Macedonia is deeply divided and heavily wounded

President Gjorge Ivanov called for reconciliation, forgiveness and unity for the spiritual renewal of Macedonia in his speech on occasion of the visit of Pope Francis to Skopje on Tuesday. I complete my mandate as President by welcoming You to the Republic of Macedonia. The truth is that You come in...

Macedonia 07.05.19 | 10:13

Pope Francis did not let Zaev kiss his hand

President Gjorge Ivanov and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev welcomed Pope Francis at Skopje airport. At the moment when Prime Minister Zaev went to kiss his hand, the Pope did not let him.

Macedonia 07.05.19 | 10:06

Pope Francis at Villa Vodno

President Gjorge Ivanov welcomed Pope Francis at Skopje Airport after which they headed to the Presidential Palace.

Macedonia 07.05.19 | 10:02

Outgoing president and incoming president welcome Pope Francis

Pope Francis arrived in the Presidential Palace, where he will meet with the authorities, with civil society and with the diplomatic corps. He was welcomed by the whole government, and among those who were welcomed, the Pope was Stevo Pendarovski, who won Sunday’s presidential election. The Pope...

Life 07.05.19 | 09:47

Pope Francis to sit in a custom made chair during Skopje visit

The papal chair on which Pope Francis will sit while visiting Skopje was custom made in the Skopje workshop “Monozero” owned by Darko Hristov, Telma reports.

Macedonia 07.05.19 | 09:14

HH Stefan: Vatican reaches out to our people and country

Pontiff of the Macedonian Orthodox Church-Ohrid Archbishopric, HH Stefan says Tuesday’s visit of Pope Francis is an acknowledgment and respect for the country and its people. I consider the arrival of his holiness as a recognition by the Vatican and the Holy See for the Republic of Macedonia, reaching...

Macedonia 07.05.19 | 09:07

Pope Francis traditionally welcomed with bread and salt at Skopje airport

Pope Francis, arrived Tuesday morning at the Skopje at the start of his visit to Macedonia. He was traditionally welcomed with bread and President Gjorge Ivanov and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani, Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov and Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov were part...

Macedonia 07.05.19 | 09:00

Clean-up in villa Vodno

The final preparations have been made before the arrival of Pope Francis early Tuesday morning in the presidential villa Vodno. The yard was cleaned, the red carpet had been rolled up, which the Pope will walk, who will probably be the last guest whom President Gjorge Ivanov welcomes during his second...

Macedonia 06.05.19 | 18:27

Pope Francis expected to ride in popemobile around Skopje

During tomorrow’s visit to Macedonia, Pope Francis is expected to ride in a popemobile, a specially designed vehicle, on the streets of Skopje. The papal ride is usually modified to provide high visibility for the pontiff to be seen by the crowds gathered for his blessing. The Pope didn’t use an...

Macedonia 06.05.19 | 16:25

Government declares May 7 a non-working day on the territory of the City of Skopje

The Government declared May 7th a non-working day on the territory of the City of Skopje. In accordance with the latest organizational assessments related to the protocol for the visit of His Holiness Pope Francis, and in accordance with the needs and demands of the institutions and citizens, the Government...

Macedonia 06.05.19 | 13:59

Skopje on lockdown in anticipation of the papal visit

Macedonian capital Skopje prepares for the papal visit tomorrow – first in Macedonian independence. Pope Francis arrives tomorrow morning and will meet President Gjorge Ivanov and other state and religious leaders, before holding a cermon on Macedonia Square in downtown Skopje. The city is on a...

Macedonia 05.05.19 | 08:27

Pope Francis “erased” Cyril and Methodius from Macedonia and wrote them down in Bulgaria

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Bulgaria! With God’s help, in a few days, I will be among you. To come to Bulgaria will be for me and for my collaborators a pilgrimage in the sign of faith, of unity and of peace. In fact, your land is homeland of witnesses of the faith, since the time in which the Holy...

Macedonia 23.04.19 | 15:49

Government releases video for Pope Francis’ visit to Macedonia: Tickets for the mass will be available until May 3

Pope Francis will visit Macedonia on May 7, and the Government invites all citizens who are interested to attend the mass, to pick up a ticket for the event from any Catholic parish in the country, by May 3, 2019.

Macedonia 23.04.19 | 12:26

Mother Teresa’s grandson prepared a gift for Pope Francis

Mother Teresa’s grandson Alojz Gombar has prepared a gift for Pope Francis who will come to Skopje on May 7, Vecer daily reported. After it was revealed that I will give a gift to the Pope, I was contacted by journalists from AFP, by Poland’s state television, as well as by several television...