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Macedonia 12.05.20 | 22:19

“The experimental state formerly known as Macedonia”

Following the publication of a stamp with a map of Greater Croatia by the Macedonian Post Office, outrage spread throughout the Balkans, and especially in Croatia, where they are still not sure whether this is a provocation or a case of ultimate dilettantism. Croatian journalist Ivan Brodic, who frequently...

Macedonia 10.05.20 | 13:16

Bosnia and Serbia condemn the publication of a stamp with a map of Greater Croatia by the Macedonian Post Office

Bosnia and Serbia filed protests with Macedonia after the Macedonian Post Office, apparently mistakenly, issued a stamp that represents a map of Greater Croatia. The stamp portrays Croatia in borders that include all of Bosnia, and chunks of Serbia and Montenegro. The map on the stamp is modeled after...

Macedonia 09.05.20 | 10:34

Macedonian Post Office issues stamp representing Croatia in its World War Two borders

The Macedonian Post Office caused a scandal when it published a new stamp meant to celebrate cooperation between Macedonia and Croatia. In the stamp, issued just before World War Two Victory Day, Croatia is represented with the borders of the NDH – the state created during the war with the help...

Macedonia 20.02.19 | 20:57

As of midnight, sheets of paper required to enter Greece out of use

As of midnight, the sheets of paper required to enter Greece are officially out of use, and the border can be freely crossed with a passport, Sitel reported. This comes after the Prespa Treaty entered into force a week ago, according to which a stamp with the new constitutional name of the country should...

Macedonia 19.02.19 | 13:29

No entry in Greece only with a stamp in the passport, sheet of paper still required

A team of TV Telma, which tried to cross the border to Greece this morning, said the stamp with the new name of the country that is applied on the passports – it’s not working. The Greeks still require filling a sheet of paper given at the border crossings, TV Telma reported.

Macedonia 15.02.19 | 11:48

Macedonian border officers begin labeling passports as “property of North Macedonia”

Macedonian citizens leaving the country have confirmed that border officers have begun applying a stamp on their passports which declares the documents to be “property of the Republic of North Macedonia”, in Macedonian, English and French. It is expected that this will be a stop-gap measure...

Macedonia 14.02.19 | 20:25

Passports – “Property of the Republic of North Macedonia”

Passports bearing the name Republic of Macedonia will remain in use during the five year transition period provided in the Prespa treaty with which Greece imposed the name “Republic of North Macedonia” on Macedonia. According to Macedonian authorities, these passports will be in use, but...