As of midnight, the sheets of paper required to enter Greece are officially out of use, and the border can be freely crossed with a passport, Sitel reported.

This comes after the Prespa Treaty entered into force a week ago, according to which a stamp with the new constitutional name of the country should be applied on the passports of our citizens who are traveling to Greece. Greek authorities issued the order to border services on the new rules for entry of Macedonian citizens in Greece on Tuesday. Instead of the sheet of paper, they are to apply a stamp on the passports for the first time.

For now, the stamps with the Republic of North Macedonia will be applied only at the border crossings with Greece. Citizens traveling to Serbia, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Albania have not yet received a stamp with the new name. The Ministry of Interior says that preparations are underway and that stamps will be soon delivered at all border crossings. Although the procedure for the new passports has been initiated, there is still time until the tender is published, according to the Ministry of Interior. New passports will be issued by the end of this year.

Last week, at the border crossings, the old signboards were replaced with new ones with the name Republic of North Macedonia. This change began with the signboard at the border crossings with Greece.