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Macedonia 20.01.20 | 10:09

Judge Stavrev expected to push against the doctor of the assaulted TNT defendant

In the TNT trial hearing scheduled for today, judge Ognen Stavrev summoned the doctor who treated one of the defendants, former Gazi Baba Mayor Toni Trajkovski. Trajkovski was badly beaten by unknown attackers a month ago, but judge Stavrev, who seems determined to get to sentencing as quickly as possible,...

Macedonia 15.01.20 | 11:28

Trajkovski will not be tried separately, TNT resumes on January 21

Judge Ognen Stavrev did not allow the separation of court proceedings for defendant Toni Trajkovski. After a 20-minute break, Stavrev announced that he was postponing today’s hearing due to defendant Toni Trajkovski’s poor health, and scheduled the next one for January 21.

Macedonia 14.01.20 | 19:12

Strasevski presents evidence: There was no proper invitation by the court to the defendant Toni Trajkovski

All constructed scenarios of the Basic Criminal Court come to light and justice and truth always surfaces, Jovica Strasevski said Tuesday in a press release. A hearing in the TNT case was scheduled for today, 04.01.2020, but it did not take place because there was no proper invitation by the court to...

Macedonia 24.12.19 | 10:43

Trajkovski is being treated at Neurosurgery Clinic due to serious health condition

Former Gazi Baba Mayor Toni Trajkovski, who was beaten up by two thugs on Sunday, failed to attend a court hearing in the TNT case just like yesterday. His lawyer Jovica Strasovski told the court that Trajkovski was hospitalized at the Neurosurgery Clinic yesterday at 22h, hardly speaking, disoriented...